aerial noise - Introducing.. BRYSON LEE

Morphed from the hills of Kingston, Canada, a sturdy new producer hails a new set of bootlegging strings & chords via the fingers of Bryson Lee. Like a brand new pair of shiny new pants, Bryson introduces himself via an extremely high-end and commercial vocal strain.

Uniting his own tastes by this choice of vocal sample, I would always have to conclude that hearing Adele’s vocals via a “less-is-more” attitude is the only way to hear this buxom lady sing her heart I’m afraid. Fusing together Turn’s Instrumental of Lilla Sallskapet’s ‘Jag Vill Ut’ and Thomas Gold’s remix of ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ links this remix to a path of boom-boom-freedom, and happy joyful sing-a-longs for all her dearest fans in question.

Bryson Lee’s ‘Swedish Spaceman’ Mash Up rallies up the troops like no tomorrow and blesses all those hearts which choose to take on the voyage known as progressive house. It is, just perfect.

Adele & Thomas Gold vs. Lilla Sallskapet & Turn – Set Fire To The Jag Vill Ut (Bryson Lee Bootleg)

AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. The Killers & Sander Van Doorn – Swedish Spaceman (Bryson Lee Mash Up)