Weekly Tape Deck - [premiere] angel olsen//in the morning


It’s been a while since we heard Angel Olsen‘s splendid vocal-work, a voice that is at once tragic, anxious but sweet and posh. A voice you may fall for with each listen. Luckily her songwriting ability is also notable, the combination of the two plays like a heartbroken Judy Garland consoling herself by singing Tom Waits songs.  This song “In The Morning” comes courtesy of the TwoSyllable Records Chicago Compilation, and you guessed it, all artists are from Chi-town. TwoSyllable actually refers to this as a “mixtape” but it has passion-project written all over it; there is an intimate write-up from one of the owners of the label, if you do anything, make sure you read it. Its also available for purchase via cassette and digitally. Also if you’ve never seen Yours Truly‘s private musical portrait of Angel Olsen, please watch, note how reticent she is at first but blooms through the song.

Angel Olsen – In The Morning


Angel Olsen – Creator, Destroyer

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