Directional Dining - "15th Street : Pink Tea Cup"


Fried chicken? Good. Waffles? Great. The next logical step is to put them together, right? There is definitely hype around chicken & waffles and we were happy to jump on the bandwagon. It’s safe to say that Pink Tea Cup won’t be the last time we try the dish, but it definitely set the bar high. Come with cash and be ready to make decisions. They serve seven types of waffles (from blueberry to peanut butter banana and honey), four different types of chicken, and two cuts of the bird. Bring on the syrup…and hot sauce?!

Pink Tea Cup is located at 538 6th Avenue, between 14th and 15th Streets.


  • CHICKEN AND WAFFLES: fried chicken breast, sweet potato waffle
  • CHICKEN AND WAFFLES: fried chicken thigh and leg, plain waffle

Jules Says

The first time I learned that chicken and waffles could coexist on a plate was about five years ago through my friend Lucija, who discovered the wonder that is Roscoe’s during a stint in Los Angeles. A few years later, Roscoe’s was yet again hyped up by my roommate Angel, a Long Beach native who always snapped drool-inducing photos of this “chicken & waffles” concoction during his visits back home. It only was a matter of time before chicken & waffles exploded out East, and I soon discovered what I had been missing out on. Until visiting the Pink Tea Cup, I’d enjoyed a great brunch rendition of chicken & waffles at Mother’s Ruin, but my favorite in the city thus far had to be the delectable spin on the dish at Distilled (fried duck + french toast style waffles = sinfully delicious). When Jess mentioned that she had yet to try chicken & waffles in any capacity, we agreed that the cute restaurant on 15th Street touting the dish looked promising. (Their logo even mirrored that of Roscoe’s!) I must say, the Pink Tea Cup offered up a pretty tasty bird (and fluffy, sweet waffles–although Jess’s sweet potato batter was best!), but nothing about the meal surpassed the chicken & waffles experiences I’d already had, or seemed worthy of the price ($18.50, even for New York, felt a bit steep.) That said, if I found myself in the ‘hood again, I wouldn’t put it put it past myself to try some wings paired with a peanut butter waffle. Especially if there’s hot sauce.

Jess Says

Chicken and waffles is such *thing* now. As this was (pitifully) my first time, I can’t be sure that Pink Tea Cup’s version was stellar, or that chicken and waffles is just a delicious idea. Either way, I am sold. I cleaned my plate even after I was full because it as so good! The sweet potato waffle was creamy inside and sultry with cinammon. It paired nicely with the light spice of the chicken, which itself needed salt but was moist and tender. I judge fried chicken by the skin, and PTC nailed it – thin, crispy, delicately breaded. I’m not a fan of syrup, but Jules pleaded with me to try it WITH hot sauce, and seriously, that combo should be bottled and sold somewhere. While I left heavier and happy, I felt the price tag was a little high for the meal (though they do have a $9.99 lunch special). When the server asked “breast or thigh and leg?” I didn’t realize I would be charged extra for white meat. I was just trying to avoid bones! If I’m in the area and in a “treat yo’self” kind of mood, I would definitely go back. PTC has a chill, forgotten lounge feel and R&B soundtrack that I really dig.

SOURCE: Coincidentally, we both had reason recently to visit the Chelsea Bed, Bath & Beyond for new bedding (all about the thread count, baby!), and passed by the Pink Tea Cup. It looked like a cool place so we made it work. Sometimes… sometimes… these organized planners can be spontaneous! We may have to check out the places CBS listed as their top five earlier this year, or Time Out New York‘s recent picks.

Courtesy of Directional Dining.
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