Wild Junket Magazine - "New To Travel: 10 Tips To Get You Started"

Traveling is a wonderful experience that can have a lasting effect on your life. Whether you experience a new culture or learn a few new phrases, traveling can be a rewarding way to spend your time off. There are many beautiful countries to visit and it doesn’t matter which ones you visit but we recommend that you do. Go ahead; take a vacation, you deserve it.

1. Book Your Trip in Advance

The beginning of any vacation is the plane ticket. The best time to buy a plane ticket is two to three months before your vacation actually starts. Once you buy your ticket, be sure to continue to watch ticket prices because most airlines will give you a better rate if one arises.

2. Properly Finance Your Trip

Do some research and educate yourself about your financial options. There are many travel rewards programs through banks, which can be helpful. If you cannot put money down on your vacation, this might be a viable option for you. Finances can be the most stressful part of your life, why continue that during your vacation?

3. Find a Location with Favorable Currency Exchange

Most countries you might consider traveling to will have a positive exchange rate which will put money in your pocket, like Poland. There are, however, countries that will cut your vacation fund to pieces if you travel to places like Switzerland. If you have a small sum of money set aside for your trip, you should consider exchange rates before booking your trip.

4. Sleep Outside the City

If you plan to tour a big city, then be prepared to pay big bills. Try finding a smaller bed and breakfast outside the city limits. It will be quieter and less damaging to your wallet.

5. Travel Light

Many airlines charge you for extra luggage. In most circumstances, you can travel with a small backpack filled with everything you need. Remember, most trains and planes do not allow liquids!

6. Utilize Technology

Everyone has a smart phone these days, why not use it correctly? There are thousands of travel apps, which help plan and organize your vacations. Planning to take a lot of pictures? Upload pictures to an online sharing platform for free in case your camera breaks or is stolen.

7. Are You a Student?

Often times, hostels, pubs and even some restaurants will offer student discounts if a person can present their student ID. This is a great way to save a few bucks!

8. Forget Taxis, Rent a Bicycle

Touring a new city can be expensive with a guide or a taxi service. Bicycle rentals can be cheap and they are an adventurous way to tour a new city!

9. Travel with a Buddy

The buddy system works well when traveling through a new country. Aside from being much safer, hotels and hostels will offer discounted prices for people traveling in groups. Be sure to speak with the hotel managers!

10. Flexibility is Crucial

Nothing is more frustrating than having to follow strict guidelines. Relax, you’re on vacation to enjoy yourself. Make sure you stop and take the time to browse through markets, walk through parks and pose for memorable pictures.

Courtesy of Wild Junket Magazine.