East to West - "Rupert - So High"


Photo: Favourite Food //

Dear god, the moon was so large. Round and yellowing, sitting smugly just beyond the tops of buildings. We’d never seen the moon so close before. He was tired of being lonely, hanging back way, way up in the sky and so here he was. He wanted us to marvel in him and we did. Underneath his heavy fullness we lounged around the verandah showering in cheap champagne like unruly teenagers. Records played. We drank the wine we did not spill. Finally, we fell into mountains of pillows and cushions as the moon retreated upwards, watching us as we marvelled in each other.

There is not much information kicking around out there about this producer, except that he is from Sydney. There is a beautiful optimism that patters away in this track underneath the fast, unruly hi-hats. Download Rupert’s two-track EP So High / Jam Thing at his Bandcamp and follow him on Soundcloud.

Courtesy of East to West.