Patently Apple - "Copycat Google Copies MIT Student's Invention"

In 2009 we posted a report that pointed to a fascinating invention by MIT’s Pranav Mistry who had invented a wearable device called the SixSense. Our report included a TED video of Pranav introducing his invention to the world. One of the applications created by Mistry was having his device project an active keypad onto the users hand or a wall so that they could dial a phone number. Apparently the engineers at Google were so inspired by Mistry’s invention that they decided to copy it and modifying it for their future Project Glass product that’s due to arrive sometime in the mystical future.

As you could see by our cover graphic, we juxtaposed one aspect of Mistry’s invention to Google’s patent figure. Boy do those guys know how to copy or what? This comes right down from the leadership of a CEO who thinks that Apple is boring and that great “Moon Shot” ideas like his driverless car is the next great thing. I guess that would be true if you were a boring android. I think that someone is trying to replace Steve Jobs as the tech industry’s next visionary. Unfortunately Larry Page falls so short of that mark it’s not even funny. But to Google’s blind fans, it sure sounds nice on paper.

Courtesy of Patently Apple.