The new guidance reads, you can go back to doing the things you normally do. For Twitter, that's making more CDC jokes.
Likening the Trump supporters entering the Capitol on Jan. 6 to tourists is similar to calling a turd in your cereal part of a nutritious breakfast.
The party's anti-democratic turn didn't start with Liz Cheney. It won't end with her either.
The famed horse trainer delivered the phrase's final death blow yesterday on Fox News.
Was it a little forced? Sure. Did it come off as disingenuous and rude? Absolutely. But that's the entire point.
Her newest album ‘Monthly Friend’ (out 5/28) is filled with feminist undertones.
The indie-pop trio says, no matter what there’s a way to keep things upbeat.
Plus Biden's Congressional address, vending machine analysis, Caitlyn Jenner bullshitting, and more.
Draft day is here again, which means it's time to park it in front of the sofa and break out the booze.