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John Knefel explains that despite moderates who say otherwise, the power of the left is growing and is the future of the democratic party.
The presumptive Democratic nominee's last public appearance was Tuesday. Over the weekend, Twitter users openly wondered why.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss the Democratic primaries and COVID-19. Also, we discuss new movie, Lost Girls.’ Plus a preview of Activity’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Sanders’ diatribe against Republicans helped keep important unemployment protections in the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill.
An economist and former Bernie Sanders advisor explains why universal healthcare is the answer to future public health crises.
The president’s renewed coronavirus skepticism proves he and Congressional Republicans value profit more than human lives.
The Hawaii representative finished her campaign as confusingly as she ran it.
Means testing only adds inefficiency to coronavirus relief. And it gives GOPers like Mitt Romney a lane to the Dems’ left.
The Democratic Party cares more about stifling Sanders than public safety.