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John Knefel comments on the lack of coordination at the state and federal levels when it comes to coronavirus relief and how this will continue to be a problem in the coming months.
COVID-19 response bungling. Biden’s VP options. News/media roundup. ‘Driveways’ now on VOD. BTR Live Studio w/ Honey Cutt.
No lockdown for Sweden. US economy in decline. NY cancels primary. News/media roundup. Chris Hemsworth in ‘Extraction.’ Music by Marble Arch.
The former VP’s comments Friday morning perfectly distilled his (and Democrats’) dismissive attitude toward black voters.
The former VP’s efforts to attract ardent Sanders supporters haven’t worked so far.
Assessing the current odds of Joe Biden’s potential vice presidential picks.
Tired of Republicans chiming in when you roast Democrats? These are the memes for you.
Trump is trying to distract from his current failures w/ one of his most harebrained conspiracies yet.
If he wins the White House, all the policy shifts he’s supposedly planning won’t mean anything.