BTR Sports
BTR Sports began in the winter of 2011, launched by Sam Griswold and Kory French out of a passion for sports and an aversion to suit-wearing, stat-flinging sports punditry. Kristy Barry joined shortly after, making the transition from guest on the show to its creative, wacky heart in almost no time at all. Since then, the show has focused on greater issues in the sporting world, steering away from daily scores and topics to bigger, more timeless themes. The aim of the show has always been to provide an antidote to too-serious sports talk radio and inject some humor where it is greatly missed and needed. If you can't make sports fun, what's the point?
Recent Episodes
This week for Fall Week as the penultimate show we look back and revive some old features to see what—if anything—we’ve learned over the years. We also weigh in on the opening week of the NFL season as football hits the ground running us into Fall.
This week for Open Week we hear about Kristy’s struggle to get past security at the US Open and her love for the tournament, welcome the NFL season with a string of football-related quick-hits and take a short quiz on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
This week for Labor Week we look ahead to the fall—at long last!—discuss the Tom Brady verdict, plus the US Open, Little League World Series and other news stories from the week that was.
This week for Surface Week we welcome Kristy back at long last! We also run through an extended quick-hits, learn some new words and a bit about playing surfaces.
This week for School Week we get ready for the school year, the unofficial start of the year in many ways, by looking back at three of our favorite segments from the year so far.
This week for Excess Week we grapple with some mid-August nostalgia whilst getting slightly excited about baseball for once and take a look at some of the most shocking numbers in sports.