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Musicians play exclusive sets and chat about their craft and experiences with our team of hosts, each a veteran of their music scene with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering.

Maia was the show's longtime host and producer, leaving in 2020. Her 14 year run is something we'll always be proud of!
As of July 2020, our flagship music podcast, BTR Live Studio, is hosted by several different people on an episode by episode basis. A few of those people are: - Bryan Bruchman - Crazy DJ Bazarro - Jeanette D.…
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Prolific producer and songwriter Felicia Douglass is a fierce musical talent, whom you may recognize from her solo project or her work with Gemma, Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna, Baile, and Lip Set. This spring she has collaborated with dozens of artists online, found ways to keep moving while inside, and released several new tracks. This June, she’ll be the featured vocalist on Dirty Projectors new EP, Flight Tower. She recently invited us inside her Brooklyn home for a performance in her music room, along with a conversation with Maia Macdonald. “Ready For Your Miracle” (Felicia Douglass) and “Lose Your Love” (Dirty Projectors) are available now.
Today’s podcast features a recent conversation between Shana Falana and myself about everything, including life as a house painter, Slow TV’s National Knitting Evening, a chance encounter with young Brad Pitt in Bozeman Montana, Ram Dass and much more. Check out the latest song and video from Shana Falana, called "Everyone Is Gonna Be OK," along with October 2019’s album Darkest Light, 2016’s Here Comes The Wave, and 2015’s Set Your Lightning Fire Free. Please check out the accompanying video from today's show, which features a video diary shot by Shana herself.
The Joy Formidable is a Welsh alternative rock band currently based in London, whose dynamic songwriting and epic performances have made quite a mark over the band’s decade plus history. Now, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their landmark debut record, A Balloon Called Moaning, the group has reissued that album with an additional version featuring Welsh versions of all 8 songs. Here, the band shares an intimate performance which, while a bit quieter and more acoustic than fans may be used to, shows no less power than their fully amped up shows. A Balloon Called Moaning (10th Anniversary Edition) is available now.
Recent Episodes
On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, LA rocker, Veronica Bianqui  stops by and plays some of her tunes. Veronica Bianqui is also associated with The Blank Tapes and SUO. Jen discusses with Veronica her songwriting process, the completion of her self titled LP, and her new music video.
E Woods is the stage name of Chicago-based indie R&B artist Emily Woods. With a strong background in music, having performed with countless groups before launching her own project, Woods has a natural energy and positive vibe that radiates from her music. In this episode, we catch up just a few days before the release of her debut EP, while she was stuck in Florida, excited to get home to Chicago. Listen in to hear all about the new project, her background in the Chicago music scene, and for an exclusive performance of three songs from the new record! LATE NIGHT EP is available now from Rosebud Allday.
Right before the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt last March The Black Black were keeping busy at Studio G in Brooklyn, recording with Jeff Berner. Those tracks eventually became the songs that make up their newest album, Careful On Your Way Out, which was released in January on vinyl and limited to 100 copies. In this episode they will be chatting with me about the new record and how they’ve fine tuned their livestream game in the era of global pandemic.
Pearl Charles is always a favorite here at BTR Live Studio, and with her excellent new album Magic Mirror out now, we had to catch up with her once again! She delivered a lovely, stripped-down performance from her home in California and we caught up to talk about the new record, moving out of LA, and more!
On today’s episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Florida singer-songwriter duo Faith & Majesty stops by to play some of their newest tunes. Jen discusses with Faith & Majesty what it's like creating as sisters, their songwriting process as nurses who work opposite shifts writing as escapism, and their love of music. 
Sunny War is a folk/punk musician based in Los Angeles whose smooth voice and mesmerizing fingerstyle guitar playing makes for a fresh sound. In this episode, she joins us for a conversation about her new album, Simple Syrup, her relationship with music and performing, and more. We also get an exclusive performance of three songs by Sunny War and her bandmate, bassist/vocalist Aroyn Davis, produced with the help of Harlan and Randi Steinberger at Hen House Studios.