In Part 3 of 4 of Overnight Sensation’s OFFICIAL Best Hits of 2015, you’ll hear great bedroom singer/songwriter/producer music from Dogs Only, Katie Dey, Monogamy, and more! Plus bona-fide classics from Jessica Pratt, Joanna Newsom, The Mantles, etc,etc! So much good stuff! And stay tuned for Part 4, “Pop,” coming next week!
It’s that time of year… Time for me, DJ Patrick K, to recap some of my most favorite tracks from The Rock Show in the year 2015… Extremely exciting stuff, hope you like it!
In Part 2 of 4 of Overnight Sensation’s OFFICIAL Best Hits of 2015, you’ll hear great PUNK ROCK music from CCTV, Vexx, GLOSS, ISS, and more! And stay tuned for Part 3, “Singer/Songwriter/Producer,” coming next week!
It’s that time of year… Time for me, DJ Patrick K, to recap some of my most favorite tracks from The Rock Show in the year 2015… Extremely exciting stuff, hope you like it!
In Part 1 of 4 of Overnight Sensation’s OFFICIAL Best Hits of 2015, you’ll hear great INDIE ROCK music from siiiiickening bands like Twerps, Summer Saints, Protomartyr, and more and more! And stay tuned for Part 2, “Punks,” coming next week!
One more week ’til the best part of the holidaze– The Rock Show’s top hits of the year! Until then, we’ve still got plenty of new music to play. And don’t forget, it’s Refrigerator Week on BTR!
Wow! It’s already December! Not quite ready to hit you with my best favorite songs of the year just yet, so for now here is a great show full of some of my favorites songs/bands/etc. from over the years. Enjoy! And tune in next week for ALL my best favorites of 2015!
Wow! Can’t believe that Okkervil River and Spoon are getting special-edition deluxe 10-year anniversary releases! And we’ve got the tracks, plus more, right here on BTR.
Here we go, taking a good look into the Overnight Sensation grab bag! There’s a LOT of stuff in there… Let us check out what we get!
Here we go guys, It’s the ROCK SHOW on BTR! Glad you’re here, because I need all the help I can get! Stay tuned for new ones from Katie Von Schleicher, Connan Mockasin/Dev Hynes, Useless Eaters, Kelley Stoltz, and so many more! Whooo!
Hey! Do you like LO-FI?! Well, now’s your chance to hear some of the top talents going in that very audio quality… Sometimes Always, Lab Coast, Yuna, and so many more… So much to look forward to!
It’s Friday, so you know we’re bringing that good ROCK MUSIC to you, just in time for the weekend! Oooooh, baby! Lots of great new music here at BTR, and I am very excited to play it all for you.
This week’s set is so great. ALL-NEW music from bands like Joy Again, Girl President, Cat Smell… and from hometapers like Super Hit, Crushing Love, Wished Bone… AND everything else in between!
All right, another week, another Rock Show on BTR! This week’s isn’t, like, hella rockin’ per se! But it’s got a great set of solid damn toons for you!
True-to-form episode this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Top rock tracks from Brusing, Lavender Flu, Katana Girl in the front! Bedroom pop from Yesses, Old Magic Pallas, Orang in the back… and so much more!
Wow! Great Show! Can’t believe it! It’s the Rock Show. Hear great songs from Martin Courtney, Shadow in the Cracks, and of course, the almighty JOANNA NEWSOM! Wooooow!
On this week’s episode I talk a lot about the new Joanna Newsom album, Divers! Out now on Drag City! It’s great! Also, I play many other calm songs. Enjoy.
It’s the ROCK SHOW! And you know it is… New Joanna Newsom (!!), Pure Bathing Culture, Mantles, and, like, SO much other good ones. It’s fun, it rocks, but it won’t upset you! It’s just right!
Wow! I can’t believe it. One full set of heavy punk and punk-based rock! Followed by one full set of idiosyncratic pop and pop-based rock music! It’s a lot of fun. Great new tunes from Beating Chain, Odd Hope, Terry, and so many more!
Lots of nice good stuff this week. I’m so excited to play for you new music from The Mantles, Burnt Ones, Pure Bathing Culture, and so many more! I love The Mantles!!
This week we’re going back to the classic format– one set of bedroom “rock” and one set of bedroom “pop,” and everything in between! It’s a real laugh-a-minute thrill ride featuring new hit records from Dicktations, Worst Boys, Ray Daisies, and so much more!
Keepin’ the ROCK SHOW dream alive here on BTR. Forget all those other shows that promise you ROCK! This here’s your best bet for the real stuff!
This is just a good, old-fashioned chill-out set… The chill is beginning to set in the air, so I figured it was appropriate. You will love to hear these songs from Walking Trails, Peter Gutteridge, Brenda Ray, and more!
Hello and welcome to the ROCK SHOW on BTR! It’s a very exciting time here at BTR, for our FREE CMJ show is coming up next week! Check out tunes in this week’s set from bands that are playing– including Gramma’s Boyfriend, Worriers, and Beverly! Plus so many more good tunes… It’s good!
This week we look back at some indiepop favorites from bygone eras. Look forward to timeless hits from The No-No’s, Elf Power, Mirah, The Lucksmiths, and of course lots of Rose Melberg tunes. This is why we’re the #1 program on BTR you’ll NEVER hear about on our Facebook page!
It’s POP Week here on BTR, but this ain’t no POP show… This ain’t no country club either… This is L.A.!
Keeping it nice and quiet this week with lots of ACOUSTIC music. Hits from all over, including show favorites like SE Rogie, Gino Bordin, and so many more. Be quiet, listen! OK?!
It’s already fall, who knew? Check out this killer grab-bag of rock and non-rock music alike… New stuff from Alex G, Air Waves, Mike Krol, and more! Guaranteed hits left and right. Have fun!
Hey, hey, hey, this week on Overnight Sensation we are moving back to more current affairs, playing mostly ALL-NEW songs from ALL-NEW records! And it’s all hits, too, so get ready to ROCK! We’ve got hard-rockin tunes from Hurry Up and ISS, soft-rockin tunes from Hair Perfect and Shindigs, and SO MUCH MORE besides! It’s almost too good.
Hooppee, it’s the FALL! Well, not yet, but it sure feels like it if you walk outside. Actually, it’s kinda hot again, but a couple days ago, it sure felt like FALL! To commemortate the occasion, I have hand-picked a set of fall-time mood tunes, sure to get you in the mood for the impending FALL in temperatures!
Fall has fallen, and we are here to commemorate it with a nice, crisp set of neopsychpop tunes from the ages. Revel in the niceness and crispness of proven hits from bands like OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, and SCOTT DEADELUS, among so many others! Get that sweater on and get ready to ENJOY!
It’s the WEEKEND! Time for some WEEKENDER ROCK, courtesy of the Rock Show, of course! Hits from Mike Krol, Sarah Baethe Nelsen, Diana Coffee, and so many more!
This week on Overnight Sensation, we’re doing a LESS TALK, MORE ROCK POWER BLOCK HOUR OF ROCK! It’s an unbelievable parade of hits that you’re just not even going to believe… My God, where to start? We’ve got HITS from bands like ULTRASUAVE, GREAT PLAINS, The AUTOCOLLANTS, and so many more! Plus, a great new tune from the almighty PROTOMARTYR! Just listen to it already, you idiot!!
Lots of love for this week’s ROCK SHOW! Weirdo rockers from Mike Krol, Fresh & Onlys, Fenster, Slime, and soooooo many more!
We’ve got some darker guitar moods on this week’s show, but don’t fear! It’s not too dreary… Just a little taste of the sad stuff, special for you. From me, DJ Patrick K. Expect to hear hit records from the likes of 84 Nash, The Stapler, G Green, Darlingchemicalia, and a lot of other bands that arent from Columbus or Sacramento!
It’s a fun and fresh set this week! We’ve got lovely tunes from HOOKWORMS, BRIANA MARELA, DUCKTAILS, and more! If you like you rock music free and easy, then there’s only one place for you in this lonesome, godforsaken earth– The Rock Show on BTR!
This set is back-to-back-to-back-and-so-forth of heavy hits of OUTSIDER / JUNK ROCK. I’m so excited. We’ve got all-timers from DARCY CLAY, ROYAL TRUX, BEN WALLERS, and more! Throw some newer tracks from HURRY UP, SUBURBAN HOMES, and AYE NAKO, and… well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out for yourself!
Whoopee! Another week, another killer episode of The Rock Show on BTR! Here you can hear new tracks from Alex G, Deradoorian, and Fenster. Plus, we’ve got favorites from bands like Ava Luna, Speedy Ortiz, and even more than just that! It’s always a party, and you’re ALWAYS invited!
Joanna Newsom has a new album coming out soon, so I have been listening to her old records a lot lately! I start off with a track from her, then make a bee-line for 2005 to bring back hits of the first freak folk era, including Dirty Projectors and Akron/Family. From there, we go to more contemporary “freak pop” hits from CE Schneider Topical, Gem Jones, Miserable Chillers, and more!
It’s another freakin’ week into August, and boy is it hot! And boy, oh boy, are we keeping the hotness alive with killer psych-influenced pop and rock from Ducktails, Popstrangers, King Gizzard, and so much more ROCK of all types! It’s amazing, and you’ve got a front-row ticket!
This week’s show is a real “grab bag!” As in, if you dug into a bag full of Overnight Sensation music, you’d come back with a set a little like this. GREAT tunes from Kero Kero Bonito, Waxahatchee, and more! Plus cool older songs from Dentists, Sex Clark Five, The Scene Is Now… It’s just some good stuff.
Hello again! It’s me DJ Patrick K! I’ve got a lovely Rock Show for you this week, featuring new tunes from Blind Shake, Ghost Ease, Titus Andronicus, and more! Plus a few more cool ones from a the past few months. Check it out!
It’s now very deep into 2015, so I have very nobly taken it upon myself to create a wonderful set of some of my favorite music of the year SO FAR. Basically it’s a heavy rock set with bands like Vexx, Toupee, Coneheads, etc., followed by a cool pop set with bands like Fred Thomas, Katie Dey, and Honey Radar. So much good stuff! Listen to it!
This week’s mix is actually extremely cool and low-key. It features easy-going psychpop from popular bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Foxygen, and Creeping Pink, stuff like that. It’s cool. Just trust me OK, would I ever steer you wrong?
Hey, welcome to yet another great episode of BTR’s Overnight Sensation! It’s so great. We’ve got BRAND NEW hits from favorites such as Monogamy, Miserable Chillers, Honey Radar, and Protomartyr… and so many more! And remember, if you like it, be sure to check out ALL of the old episodes too. They’re good, I swear!
Oh my GOD, it’s so HOT outside (and inside), it’s unbearable! To help you cool off, I’m giving you this very cool mix of very cool music. And don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes!
Whooo boy, this crazy summer heat has got me all mixed up, 311-style! I don’t know what to do! So I decided to create a very mixed-up mix that ended up actually being pretty straightforward, musically, though there are definitely a couple surprise twists, so don’t get too comfortable! Hits from HOT summer bands like Unicorn Kid, The Nerves, The Pooh Sticks, and Sheer Mag abound!
You’ve heard of “Throwback Thursday,” right? What? You been living under a rock or something?? Well, anyway, this week on the ROCK SHOW, it’s a real “Throwback Friday!” I’ve got great tunes from days gone by, and you know what? They really ROCK! It’s only natural…
This week’s show is another great set in a long line of so many great sets. We’ve got hits from favs like TONY MOLINA, SCOTT DEADELUS, PERFECT HAIR FOREVER, and so many more. It’s a POP-fest, and it’s a lot of fun.
Happy 10 Years Birthday to the one and only BTR! We’re keeping the mood light and celebratory this week in honor of the special day! It’s a true Rock Show too, so tune in and TURN UP!
It’s BIRTHDAY WEEK on BTR, so this week, we’re taking a looooong stroll back down memory lane– all the way to the beginning of Overnight Sensation! This is the setlist from the very first episode. It’s cool to see what bands are still around (Twerps, Sea Lions), and which ones aren’t! One thing is for sure– pretty much all of these bands would still fit in on most of the episodes I make now, so at least I’m consistent!
It’s Freak Week here on BTR… oh wait, no that’s wrong… Hold on, lemme check my schedule… Hmmm… Oh, right, it’s Made In The USA Week on BTR! We’re talking about how things are made in the USA (mostly by prisoners), and the resurgence of vinyl! Also, playing plenty of great ROCK MUSIC, of course!
Wow! This week’s show somehow ended up being one of my longest ever. Guess when I get on a roll with classic OHIO tunes, it’s hard for me to stop. Check out proto-indie from such esteemed NE OH bands as The Clocks, Death of Samantha, The Mice, etc. Plus, a bonus set of songs that I just plain like! It’s a really good one, certainly worthy of the extended running-time!
Mixed bag this week, but as always, we’ve got plenty of great ROCK music to get you through the weekend. New tunes from Damaged Bug, No Joy, FFS, plus hits from Purling Hiss, King Tuff, and more! It’s GREAT!
This week’s set is ECLECTIC! We feature hits of soukous, funk, afrobeat, reggae, pop, electro, palmwine music, AND a touch of home-taper weirdness for good measure. I hope you like it! And if you like this one, be sure to check out Worldwide Hour and the Afrobeat Show every week on BTR!
The Rock Show is all about taking risks… we take risks that the other shows on BTR are too afraid to, and we’re damn proud of it! But be warned– it’s NOT for everybody. Think you can handle it? Tune in and find out!
If you know me, you know that I can’t get enough of INDIE POP music! That’s why I stuffed this set chock full of twee, jangle, and lo-fi junk from the 80s, 90s, and today! You’ll hear hits from cool bands like Beatnik Filmstars, The Springfields, Beanpole, Titans of Filth, and so many more… To know this set is to love it.
This week’s Rock Show features rock hits from No Joy, Hop Along, Dub Thompson, Eternal Summers… just too many rockers to mention. Oh, did I mention that I love to Rock??
This week’s show is a bit more on the quiet, laid-back side of things. Mostly lo-fi, lonely singer-songwriter music, some new stuff, some new stuff, some old stuff. Lots of static and acoustic guitar. It’s a good mix!
It might be Throwback Week elsewhere on BTR, but this week’s Rock Show is ALL NEW! Get ready for killer rock music from Ex Hex, Beverly, and Joanna Gruesome. Get ready for soul-pop from Saun & Starr and the Reigning Sound. Get ready for THE ROCK SHOW, baby!
This week’s episode is stuffed to the gills with TAPE FREAK music. Home-recorded sounds from the USA, New Zealand, and beyond! We’ve got hits, new and old, from bands / solos like Mr. Bones (Portland), Honey Radar (Indiana), Laser Background (Philly), and so many more! It’s a lot of fun, and you might just learn something.
The badass BUG BOYS of The Rock Show are back this week with new hit songs from Thee Oh Sees, Joanna Gruesome, Warm Soda, and more! Things get a little more relaxed in the second set with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Eleanor Friedberger, Little Wings… It’s very nice. Listen and love. And don’t forget to subscribe to DJ PATRICK K on iTunes!
I’m absolutely LOVING this week’s set! Lots of old-time favorites, many of which have never been played on this show. Heavy gazin’ from bands like BARDO POND, 3DS, and BLEACH. Downer pop from TWERPS, AA, GREAT PLAINS, and so much more!! Oh, and did I mention– SUBSCRIBE TO OVERNIGHT SENSATION ON ITUNES, YA GOOF!
It’s the BLACKLIST WEEK special on this week’s Rock Show! We’re giving you the lowdown on some of the killer content we’ve produced for this year’s BLACKLIST WEEK, and it couldn’t be more exciting! We also feature upbeat ROCK N ROLL from the likes of Warm Soda, Joanna Gruesome, Motel Beds, and many more! DON’T FORGET to “like” BTRtoday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe in iTunes!
This week’s show is simply and instant classic! The first set starts of with some heavy hits from RAW PONY (Columbus), PROTOMARTYR (Detroit), ZOLTARS (Austin), and more! The second set goes into some more poppy territory with new tunes from Scott Deadelus (Dayton), Michael O. (SF), and Grant Cothrel (Dayton), plus older ones from show faves Dump and Franklin Bruno… You can’t lose!
It’s warm-weather music, with a bit of a gloomy edge! Perfect for a reasonably overcast day! Or even for a warm late-spring night. Whatever. It’s good, listen to it.
This week we’ve got a whole lot of good-natured indiepop, experimental guitar music, and a healthy dose of prodigious weirdo hometapers. It’s all just so appealing and right-on-time. Brand new hits from greats like Grant Cothrel, Slum of Legs, Shy Boys, Titans of Filth, and more! This set is extremely lovable, so get ready… to fall head over heels! 🙂
All right, are you guys ready? Strapped in? This week on the Rock Show, we feature NEW ROCK MUSIC from Michael Rault, Warm Soda, Miniboone, and more! Plus older hits from bands like Sloan and The Unicorns. It’s a fun-filled dream-ride. Won’t you join us?
Yippee! New music AND old music today, and it’s just in time for spring! We’ve got songs from Halo Benders, Bruising, Fred Thomas, Sir Victor Uwaifo, and more!
It’s spring, dammit! So we’re stacking the set with good music for the spring! Get used to it!!
Simply love to stroll down memory lane. This time we take a trip alllllll the way back to 2005-2010, back to the glory daze of “shitgaze.” What do you think we’ll find? Tune in to see!
Sometimes on the Rock Show, you don’t just get rocks… You get a mixed bag, filled with all kind of wonderful things! Rocks, twigs, berries, seeds, nuts, it’s all here… And you’re gonna love it!
Oh yesss… Oh, yesss… This week on Overnight Sensation, “RnR” does NOT mean “Rest and Relaxation.” It means “ROCK and ROLL,” dammit! Hard rockin’ new hits from the almighty SHEER MAG, GINO and the GOONS, Scott Deadelus, Dicktations, come on! It doesn’t get and better than this.
Lots and lots of new music this week, and it’s unbelievably exciting! Songs from Ava Luna, Mountain Goats, Waxahatchee, and more! Can you believe it?
My dearest fans, and friends… I trust you are in good health. I, unfortunately, am not. I have taken ill. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t personally deliver you a wonderful episode of my show, Overnight Sensation.It is sooo chock full ‘o’ hits, you can’t even believe it. Hits from the likes of Saralee, Foibles, Merylstreep, Drug Pizza, and man many more!
Oh no… We’re really rockin’ now! Haha, not really, this is actually a pretty low-key set once we burn through the first few tunes. Enjoy!
It’s the spring time in the northern hemisphere, time to enjoy the changing weather! In honor of this season, I’ve put together a good mix of springtime standbys of the indie rock variety. Includes hits from The Courtneys, Yo La Tengo, The Mice, Absolute Mess, Young Guv, and more!
I fell in love with the girl on The Rock Show… Hey, wait a minute, I’m not a girl! Or am I?… Ha ha. But I am on The Rock Show, and indeed I am lovable! Or am I?… Ha, ha.
Keeping it low and slow this week. But it’s not a downer set, just a nice, relaxed vibe all the way thru. So get ready to chill out! Lo-fi “singer-songwriter” hits from Ahsraya Gupta, Dogs Only Gorgon Head, Boyhood, and so many more…
OK, true ROCK show here, basically 100% all ROCK music. We get things started off easy with poppy tunes from Sarah Bethe Nelson, Akron/Family, and the like… Then, during the second set… well, you’ll just have to tune in to see. I think you’re gonna like it.
Taking it easy this week… real chill B-). Settle in for easy-going hits from Naang Naang, Julien Gasc, Brenda Ray, and many more!
People have been saying that I haven’t been playing enough ROCK lately? Well, stuff it! This week’s show proves that you can rock without rock! Hits from Simon Joyner, Jib Kidder, Ex Hex, Destruction Unit, and more!
YES. This is a great episode indeed. First set is full of high energy punk and rock and roll and more. Second set is on the poppier side of that, but still keeps things ROCKin’! You might think this was the rock show from all these cool rock tunes we got from killer bands like Sheer Mag, The Coneheads, Giorgio Murderer, and Dogs Only…That is, if you’re a total moron. LOL. This is the kind of set you’ll only find on Overnight Sensation!
All-killer junk-rock hits from stars of rock such as Prefab Messiahs, Ex-Cult, Comets on Fire, Royal Trux, and MORE!
Call the Classics Dept, because we’ve got another one. Seriously, you’re not even gonna believe how many hits we’ve packed in this week’s show! Hits from bands like Young Guv (Toronto), Sex Sux (Indonesia), Wet Trident (PDX), Laser Background (Philly), and more! Indiepop, powerpop, junkpop, lofipop, lonerpop, it’s all here. Oh my god… I can’t believe it.
It’s a month’s worth of HITS crammed into one hour of ROCK! I’m strapped in, ready to go… are you??
This week’s show rules. We kick off with a rough-and-tumble set of punk and postpunk featuring Vatican Dagger (NOLA), Vanity (NYC), The Maneuvers (DC), it’s really good stuff. THEN, we go pop crazy with tunes from The Orielles (UK), Walking Trails (NW US), Holmium (Sapporo), and so so many more! If you don’t like this, I hate your guts.
Hey hey, it’s the Rock Show! And people say we rock around! But we’re too busy Rockin’! To Rock anybody Rock!
This week’s set is stuffed to the gills with great bedroom pop music, plus a few cool rockers thrown in for good measure. Prepare yourself to hear brand new music from Bad C’s, Fuzzy Daze, Bruising, Hovvdy, and so many more!
I know it’s hard to believe, but this week’s Rock Show will literally knock your socks off! So beware which socks you wear while listening… you might lose them!
Call me Indie Pop Pop Pop today, because this is yet another SOLID GOLD set of fun twee tunes with some nice weirdo lo-fi thrown in for good measure! You know you love it, and so do I. It’s a cool mix of old tunes from bands you love like Heavenly, Holly Golightly, and Even as We Speak, plus new tunes from bands you will love like Cyberbully Mom Club, Yellow Fang, and Love of Diagrams!
Sick show this week. Check it out!
This week’s set is FULL of quiet, laid-back bedroom/boredom music with occasional noise-bursts. Featuring true-pop from bo en and Jackie Mayhem, synth-experimentalism from Ed McFarlane and Giant Claw, guitars from Puffyshoes and Unity Floors, and SO MANY MORE! It’s a wild ride through the international pop underground. Won’t you please join me?
THE ROCK SHOW gets a bit groovy in the first half with cool songs from Nots, Blind Shake, Viet Cong, etc. Then, in the second half, it’s pure pop for now people, featuring new tunes from Jib Kidder, Mikal Cronin, and of course the almighty TWERPS! And don’t forget, it’s Disruptive Week, so let’s talk about how BTR is disrupting the podcast biz!
Wow. What a great episode… I can’t even believe it! We start off with some good band-based music from bands like Red Red Kroovy (Melbourne), Static Rituals (Toledo), and Electric Waves (Guelph). And then (and this is where it gets crazy), we move on to some good solo-based music from solo artists like Icebeing (UK), Caffeine Drip (NY/NJ), and Fred Thomas (Ypsi). I seriously… I can’t. It’s too good.
If you don’t like to ROCK, then don’t tune in to this week’s rock show. It’s a heavy episode featuring heavy tunes from rockers like Speedy Ortiz, AJ Davila, Dope Body, Ausmuteants, and more. Oh, and don’t forget about that new Twerps LP, we got that one too!
This week’s episode follows the classic Overnight Sensation formula! The first set is all brand new indie rock / punk / guitar rock n roll fun stuff, the second set is a little looser, weirder, more “experimental” pop. Look out for hit records from Summer Saints, Velveeta Heartbreak, Lightning Bug, Commercial, and so many more!
I wanna rock! It’s the rock show, rockin’ harder than ever.
Three weeks in and I’m already sick of 2015! Forget about it! This week we look back at some indiepop favorites from bygone eras. Look forward to timeless hits from The No-No’s, Elf Power, Mirah, The Lucksmiths, and of course lots of Rose Melberg tunes. This is why we’re the #1 program on BTR.
I hate music! I hate guitars! I hate melodies! I hate the disco beat! It’s the Rock Show on BTR, back and badder than ever!
Overnight Sensation is easily the greatest show on BTRtoday. It can’t be beat, and this week’s episode is a great example why. BRAND NEW HITS from Electric Waves, Fracaso Hippie, Charlotte Crow, Fox Academy, and so many more! It’s a veritable FEAST of bedroom pop experimentalism, outsider/loner rock, and hometaper freak genius… You’re welcome!
It’s 2015… finally! I’m so excited! Let’s see what Rock is left in my Rock Bag for this week’s show… Hmmm…. Looks like we’ve got Rock from Twerps, Fenster, The Mantles, and many more! Sounds relaxed… Sounds nice. Thank you for rocking with me today!
We are kicking off 2015 with a HUGE BANG! Hit records from weirdo music-makers like Joe Bordenaro, Discotays, Gentlemane, Girls In Love, and so many more!
It’s the BEST of 2014, Part 2! IT’S SIMPLY TOO EXCITING!!