Downtown? Check. Brooklyn? Check! Downtown AND Brooklyn? You want it, you got it, baby! And it’s only on BTR!!
Even moooooore Best of the Year 2012! Brought to you by the Rock Show and Urban Outfitters! It’s only on BTR! I’m so excited!!
More best of BTR 2012 on this week’s Overnight Sensation! Can you believe this year was so great? Two whole shows worth of great tunes, and it’s “Only On BTR”.
Counting down the most Rockin’ holiday hits to get you in the mood for all these Rockin’ upcoming holidays… It’s the Rock Show, only on BTR!
We are counting down our top favorite rock n roll hits of TONY12! Won’t you please come and join us? It’s only on #BTR2012YearInReviewLookBackWeek!
OK, here’s 66 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back… I’m so sorry… I can’t stop crying.
As an extra-special start to all my year-end festivities, I present to you, my loyal Overnight Sensation listener: My best set of the year, 2012! Enjoy!!
HEY, PUNY ROCK SHOW FANS! Are you ready for the most XXX-TREME, XXX-TRA long Rock Show set of your dumb, insignificant life? WELL?! Speak up, dammit!
“Overnight Sensation is truly the Greatest Gift of All!” – Dolly Parton on Overnight Sensation.
It’s quite the throwback set on this week’s show… a throwback set the likes of which you may have never heard before. I hope that is OK with you! because for me, it’s definitely OK, in fact it’s something I like to encourage!
Check out this new episode of Overnight Sensation — It’s our LONGEST episode ever! Not 120 Minutes, but 1 Hour and 20 Minutes of pure music. The hottest new bands are all here on Overnight Sensation, and it’s only on BTR!
I fell in love with the girl from the Rock Show / She said, “What?” and I told her that I didn’t know / She’s so cool something something something / Everything’s better when she’s around, I can’t wait ’til her parents go out of town! / I Fell in love with the girl from the Rock Show! *guitar solo*
The holidays can be a rough time for a lot of people… hope this mix helps get you through it 🙂
Where will we go on today’s Downtown & Brooklyn? Your guess is as good as mine!
Last week it was all about maximalism… This week it’s a more minimalist, like a coffee shoppe kinda vibe. Let me know what you think, post a comment. Let me know! Thanks, Bye!
G Green is coming to NYC and I couldn’t be more excited! Hope you are too…
Getting weird today, guys… Bear with me OK… Now, see usually I don’t do this, but uh… Well, go ahead and give ’em a little preview of the Rock Show..
Check out all the hottest, newest, most up-and-coming bands in the whole rock game! Only on Overnight Sensation — The HOTTEST show on BTRtoday!
A Special **EXCLUSIVE** All Souls’ Day edition of the Rock Show… It’s only on BTR!
“I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but it’s a pretty big deal!” – DJ Patrick K on Overnight Sensation
“We’re gonna rock around the Rock Show tonight / We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’till broad daylight / We’re gonna rock around the Rock Show tonight!!” — Bill Haley and the Comments
You can’t stop THE ROCK. And neither can we. Why would you want to, anyway? What’s your game, man? Leave me a comment, let me know!
Overnight Sensation, only on BTR. Bringing you the greatest and (sometimes) latest from the BTR stacks. Stick around for Overnight Sensation, you won’t regret it! (Only on BTR… Thanks!)
Rockin’ and a’rollin’, rockin’ and a’reelin’, BTRbra Ann! It’s the Rock Show, and it’s exclusively on BTRtoday!
Overnight Sensation, only on BTR. Bringing you the greatest and (sometimes) latest from the BTR stacks. Stick around for Overnight Sensation, you won’t regret it! (Only on BTR… Thanks!)
What’s new in Downtown & Brooklyn? Well, you’ll just have to ‘tune in’ to find out… 😉
BEWARE! Of Falling Rock! Only on the Rock Show, Only on Breakthru Radio!
What’s up, losers. You guys don’t know anything about music. Allow me to educate you, fools. You’re Welcome. Sponsored by Urban Outfitters.
BEWARE! Of Falling Rock! Only on the Rock Show, Only on Breakthru Radio!
It’s the Columbus Day Special, this week, only on Overnight Sensation!! The only show on BTR for a “dude like me!”
Rock Show on BTR features all-new bands every week… Bands you’ve never even heard of! Think you can handle it? Well, then strap in and GET BUSY! We’re gonna have some fuuuuun tonight, on the Rock Show, exclusively on BTR!
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)! You’re welcome, Listeners! Sincerely, Overnight Sensation, LLC
Beware of Falling Rock!
One night only… it could happen to you! Dreams will come true!
DJ Thompson guest stars on today’s very special episode of The Rock Show.
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)!
They call it The Rock Show… I call it Whatever I Feel Like. You decide.
Watch for Falling Rock… Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, “Watch for Falling Stars!”
Have you ever even been to Downtown & Brooklyn? If not, you’re surely missing out… suckers.
The Days of Rock and Roses…
It can happen in one night… Give me just one night!
What’s Good Ya’ll… It’s Friday, NEw episode of The Rock Show ../. LET’/S GO!
Watch for Falling Rock… Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, “Watch for Falling Stars!”
Rock around the clock tonight! It’s the Rock Show, only on!
It’s an X-TRA Long, X-TRA Special, XXX-TRA Sexy Overnight Sensation… You won’t believe these new Sensations! Buckle Up, It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
It’s a True Rock Show today! Rock Show with X-TRA ROCK! Hold the Soft Rock, please!
Paula Cole wants to know, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” This week, Overnight Sensation takes a look at this pressing question, and uncovers some surprising information. Tune in to find out, only on!
Where are all these crazy rockin’ sounds even coming from? I’m not sure but I’m Lovin’ It!
It’s Producer’s Week on Overnight Sensation on BTRtoday. BTR’s got it, baby… Do you?
KING TUFF! Ever heard of it?! Probably not… Well, we’ve got it, only on BTR!
Watch for Falling Rock… Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, “Watch for Falling Stars!”
Where are we going on today’s Downtown and Brooklyn? I thought we’d start Downtown, then head to Brooklyn…
Too many hits! It’s hard to believe…
00:00 Mic Break 05:47 Stonehenge – Total Control 07:42 Banana Question – Royal Trux 11:26 Ear Pressed to the Door – Kevin Boyer 14:19 Dancing Mood – Nathaniel Mayer 17:22 You’re Sleeping – Tiger Trap 19:47 Could I – The Softies 21:57 I Don’t Really Love You Anymore – Magnetic Fields 24:26 Mic Break 30:35 Beautiful Son – Peaking Lights 37:04 Make Me Dream – Flying Saucer Attack 44:28 Stone – Alastair Galbraith 47:28 Like Fake Blood in Crisp October – Dirty Projectors 50:00 Itzcuintli-Totzli Days – Mountain Goats 51:24 Spook – Galaxie 500 55:56 The Dream – Fox 59:23 Mic Break 67:03 Klai Kluea Kin Dang – Suraphon Sombatcharoen 70:00 Finish Peaking Lights Jul 27 2012 – Disjecta – Portland, OR Aug 03 2012 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA Mountain Goats Magnetic Fields
Rock all day, Rock all the damn night.. I don’t care! Fight me, loser! I dare you!
This week’s America’s Birthday edition of Overnight Sensation is extra special… with an extra special interview with extra special guest LeBrian James (Native New Yorker)!
Dance all day; dance all night. It’s the ROCK SHOW on!
Just the hits on this week’s Overnight Sensation! Only hits for me please, I’m on a diet! Thanks.
Suck my kiss, it’s The Rock Show!
(BTR)Today on Overnight Sensation, we take a look into DJ Patrick K’s magic bag of tricks… “What’s in there?” you ask? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out! 😉
This is perhaps the most PVNISHING edition of the Rock Show yet! BRVTAL KVLT MVRDER PVNK. Enter if V dare, hehe!
Have you ever heard such great up and coming bands such as Unknown, Fruit Jar Guzzlers, Andrew Wartts and so many more? You won’t believe your ears, for real. Not even kidding…
TBH, the Rock Show is widely considered to be the hottest show on BTRtoday… It makes hot chocolate look like chocolate ice cream, IHMO. And that’s a fact!
Oh my god, like, shut UP already! LOL jkjkjkjk. It’s Oversight Sensation on BTR!
00:00 Mic Break 01:22 Jealous Moon – Sugarman 3 05:12 Pillars – Dinosaur Feathers 09:15 Beach Comber – Real Estate 13:33 Pushing Onlys – Woods 17:04 Open Your Heart – The Men 20:42 Sid – Dirty Fences 23:53 Mic Break 25:38 A Certain Person – Light Asylum 30:00 Saldanha Bay – Pears 33:14 FU C-3PO – Zammuto 36:39 Gotham – Animal Collective 41:50 Make Up Your Mind – Here We Go Magic 45:55 Outer Body Drifter – Black Dice 51:30 Angel Tongue – Light Asylum 58:02 Mic Break 60:21 Undefined – The Hussy 62:55 Finish The Men Jun 04 2012 – Dot to Dot Fest – Manchester, UK Light Asylum Jun 06 2012 – Kampnagel – Hamburg, Germany Jun 07 2012 – Panorama Bar – Berlin, Germany Black Dice Sep 10 2012 – Incuabte Fest – Tilburg, Netherlands Sep 11 2012 – Festaal Kreuzberg – Berlin, Germany
Rock Child in the City!
Dance all day; dance all night… Only on B.T.R!
Overnight Sensation, coming soon to a Urban Outfitters near you!
What a wonderful Rock Show this could be
As they say in the radio biz, “Publish or perish!” It’s Overnite Sensation on BTRtoday!
LISTENERS- are you ready to rock???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Circle YES or NO! Let me know!!
W/U INTERNERDS! U ready for these great new bands? Maybe you’ve heard of ’em? Probably not, lamer. Get a life. smdh.
00:00 Mic Break 00:52 All I Need – Comets on Fire 03:43 Fuck Your Pretzel – Puffy Areolas 06:44 Animals Act Natural – The Hospitals 10:23 Synthy – Peaking Lights 13:14 No Return Blues – The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane 20:19 Mirador – Sungrazer 28:30 Mic Break 30:29 Sacksburg – Mount Carmel 34:40 Every Day – Kitchen’s Floor 38:04 IV – Shoppers 41:25 Last Rites – High Rise 44:38 Hoffman Lens – Night Birds 46:30 Lexicon Devil – The Germs 48:34 Phone Booth – Carbonas 50:26 Rescue – Dead Moon 53:45 Mic Break 56:38 Ghosts of the Cosmos – Comets on Fire 62:45 Finish Puffy Areolas May 10 2012 – Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH Peaking Lights May 29 2012 – Le Trabendo – Paris, France May 30 2012 – Ancienne Belgique – Brussels, Belgium May 31 2012 – DOKarena – Ghent, Belgium Mount Carmel May 06 2012 – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
00:00 Mic Break 02:25 I Fought Fings – The Twerps 05:10 Nothing About Nothing – The Twerps 08:26 Mic Break 10:39 Glued to My Heart – The Bad Moods 13:53 Bag of Plantains – Byrds of Paradise 15:53 Paradise, DC – Byrds of Paradise 18:25 Mic Break 19:39 Celibate Blues – The Cave Kids 23:08 Late Night – Posing Nude 26:12 Pockets Full – Sun Mantra 29:24 Mic Break 32:13 Stormy Late Fall – Campfires 33:29 Daytime T.V. Blues – Campfires 35:50 Flower Reading – Cough Cool 38:46 Mic Break 39:47 Hungry Ghost – The Jesus Furs 42:41 Moptop Love – The Jesus Furs 44:54 Women of Age – Day Creeper 47:26 Mic Break 50:21 Dead Vibrations – Drum Kit 52:58 On My Mind – Terminated Television 56:55 The Champion – Hollywood Elementary 60:35 Mic Break 65:21 Good Feelings – Sea Lions 67:10 Beautiful Day – Sea Lions 68:50 Finish The Twerps May 02 2012 – Abbey Bar – Harrisburg, PA Sea Lions May 31 2012 – Chaos in Tejas – Austin, TX Jun 02 2012 – Chaos in Tejas – Austin, TX Day Creeper
00:00 Mic Break 02:31 CFCF – Exercise 5 (September) 06:53 After Light – Rustie 10:23 Invisible Daughter – Effacer 14:11 A Subtle Escape – Orcas 18:08 Mind and Eyes – Nite Jewel 22:34 Honey – Kwes. 25:44 Over the Ocean – Here We Go Magic 29:08 Trouble – The Babies 33:21 Mic Break 37:12 Your Old Lady – Andre Williams and the Sadies 40:00 Motherland – Diamond Rugs 44:17 Ms. White – Ty Segall 45:33 Where Is the Weekend – Terry Malts 47:33 Wonderland – Allo Darlin 51:03 Criminal Kids – Literature 53:09 As Times Change – Sea Lions 55:47 Hey Baby! – Andre Williams and the Sadies 57:25 Love Went Away – Sugarman 3 59:41 Mic Break 62:41 But It’s Alright – Sugarman 3 64:48 Finish Here We Go Magic May 04 2012 – The Green Door Store – Brighton, UK May 05 2012 – The Sebright Arms – London, UK Nite Jewel Apr 29 2012 – Brandeis University – Waltham, MA Jun 01 2012 – John Anson Ford Amphitheater – Los Angeles, CA Sea Lions
Never gonna get in, never gonna get out. You’re TRAPPED! Ha ha ha ha1! :-)~
The best in new bands, up-and-coming, in-the-game, in all of NYC!
Rapping about rapping about rock.
How many nerds does it take to make a radio show? Tune in tonight to find out!
I don’t think you can handle this radio show, but in case you can here it is… whatever dude, it’s your funeral!
W/U nerds (that’s internerd speak for “What’s up” ICUDK). It’s OS on BTR!
“I don’t think you’re ready for this Rock Show / I don’t think you’re ready for this Rock Show / I don’t think you’re ready for this / ‘Cuz my Rock Show’s too bootylicious for u” – Beyonce on the Rock Show on BTR
00:00 Mic Break 01:36 French Countryside – Psychedelic Horseshit 04:24 Drum Improvisation No. 1 – Baby Dodds 06:53 Station to Station – Pierrot Lunaire 11:39 That Aqua Man – Mean Spirit’d Robots 14:23 I Just Leave – Pink Reason 20:36 Decoder Ring – Lee Noble 26:47 Tezeta – Menelik Wossenatchew 31:23 Mic Break 33:45 Bums on a Rock – The Rebel 37:44 All Day, All Night Long – Unknown 40:03 I Am You – Yung Life 43:41 Frozen Coffin, Floating Soul – Hobo Cubes 46:55 Ice Cream – Cool World 50:55 Bracing – Kevin Greenspon 55:39 Mic Break 57:40 Crux – Guided by Voices 60:04 Finish The Rebel May 06 2012 – Sounds from the Other City – Manchester, UK Kevin Greenspon Apr 04 2012 – RCN Cave – Akron, OH Guided by Voices Jul 13 2012 – Bunbury Music Festival – Cincinnati, OH
This is a sad day for Overnight Sensation… a sad day indeed. Try not to cry too hard when you listen to this one. Don’t want to wake up the neighbors!
Sorry for party rock showing…
00:00 Mic Break 01:37 Please Stand By – The Shivvers 04:48 Too Dumb – Regular Guys 07:21 Jealousy – The Poppees 09:53 Playing With Fire – TV21 12:55 Now You Know – The Real Kids 16:47 Degeneration – Blitzz 19:32 Not Cool – The dB’s 22:17 Can’t Wait Till the Summer Comes – Ronnie Mayor 25:07 Hit Record – The Raspbees 30:26 Mic Break 32:01 Hey! – Home Blitz 34:30 Never Gonna Do It – Eric and the Happy Thoughts 36:59 Bible Belt Baby – The Gizmos 38:56 I Wonder If I’ll Ever See You Again – The Leopards 41:22 If You See Her With Me – Sex Clark Five 43:56 She’s Not Mine – Mystery Machine 46:49 Running Start – Shoes 49:38 Here We Go Again – Blue Ash 53:01 Obsession – The Last 56:46 Tomorrow Belongs to You – Gary Valentine 59:24 Mic Break 63:07 Walking Out on Love – The Breakaways 64:42 Finish Home Blitz Mar 29 2012 – 285 Kent – Brooklyn, NY Eric and the Happy Thoughts The Gizmos
Summer Hits, only on BTR!
Have you heard about the new iOS from Apple? I hear it’s their most advanced Overnight Sensation yet!
Downtown & Brooklyn: Rot, Rot, or Rule? You decide.
Oh Rock Show, why do you do these things to me? Why??
We’re dying for it. Overnight death. Look out for me!
“Rock Show? Rock my dick, yo.”
“Now usually I don’t do this, but uh, go ahead on, break em’ off with a little preview of the remix.” – R. Kelly on Overnight Sensation
“Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / Once I get my hands on U… Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / I hope U feel the same way too” – Rose Royce on The Rock Show on BTR.
BTR’s “Top Jock” DJ Patrick K takes you on a time-travel journey through one of his “Classic Playlists”… sit back, relax, and enjoy these smoother groovers. 😉
“I know you really want it Cuz your Daddy’s always on it And he knows just how to flaunt it He got pictures in his wallet And he wanna be your lover Does he look just like my mother Does he cover you like butter And just leave you in the gutter” -Beck, on The Rock Show
“Like I’ve died and gone to musical hog heaven… only it’s right here on Earth!” – The Ice Cream Boys on Overnight Sensation.
“What’s up?” “Not much, you?” “Oh, I’m just listening to that Rock Show on BTR.” “What’s ‘Rock Show’?” “Oh it’s this really great radio show on BTR, all the best rock music you could ever hear in one easy place!” “Sounds awesome, bro. How can I listen to it?” “Just go to BTR today and type in the “rock show” and you’re in– it’s as easy as that.” “That’s rad. I am going to listen now, thanks!” “OK cool. See you tonight?” “Yep!” “Love you.” “Love you too, bye.” “Bye!”
00:00 Mic Break 02:57 Enemies – June Brides 05:56 Hall of Shame – Great Plains 07:43 Artist V. Star – Beatnik Filmstars 09:56 King and Caroline – Guided by Voices 11:28 2541 – Grant Hart 16:01 Bristol Girl – V-3 18:45 Didn’t Wanna Know – Medication 21:38 Start Again – Folk Implosion 23:52 Indian Winter – Times New Viking 26:20 Mic Break 29:29 I Don’t Believe You – The Magnetic Fields 33:04 Transatlantic Telephone Conversation – The Mad Scene 36:27 Better Days – Phil Wilson 39:28 Lost in Dreamland – Orange Cake Mix 46:13 Aw! Glun Snaeha – Pov Vannary 49:51 She Saw – Amps for Christ 52:22 When I’m Out of Town – The 6ths 54:50 Leave It Alone – Popguns 57:31 Mic Break 59:18 Get Out of My Dream – The Clouds 61:48 Finish Beatnik Filmstars Times New Viking Medication
Today! We got hella rice cooker lentils cooking. It’s no big deal, more like a ‘cooking tip’ than a ‘recipe’ per se, but I am trying to keep you feeling good and nourished. I am trying to help you! Stop complaining so much!!
“It’s a Rock, and he shows to us– Rock Show!” – Lenny from Ghostwriter.
“Like getting hit by a semi-truck full of the best music in the world. You die on impact, but you don’t even care; you’re already in heaven.” — Sir Bernie Taupin on Overnight Sensation.
Banjees, Pop 1280, La Sera, and many more on today’s star-studded episode of Downtown & Brooklyn! It’s only on BTR!!!!
DJ Thompson guest stars on today’s very special episode of The Rock Show.
This is an extra-special, extra-long edition of Overnight Sensation on B.T.R.! Featuring our own DJ Thompson D… You’re not gonna wanna missa this one!
Many bands are getting their shot at the big time, only on Overnight Sensation– only on BTR!
Friday the 13th marks a special day for The Rock Show… a freaky day.
Deadly serious; serially deranged. It’s Overnight Sensation, only on BTR.
What’s up, all my Rock Show fanatics? Hope you are ready for the Rock Show in 2012 b/c it’s coming at you at the speed of sound and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!
The holidays might be over, but the dangerously oversized portions are just beginning! On this heaping helping (over 70 minutes!) of Overnight Sensation, you will be treated to some of BTR’s People’s Choice Award Winner “DJ Patrick K”s favorite songs that he heard for the first time in 2011! Don’t miss this one!