Nikkiesha McLeod
Nikkiesha Nicole McLeod is a queer, non-binary Trinidadian singer-songwriter, percussionist and writer. They began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when they convinced their parents to let them join the neighborhood steel­band orchestra, Panasonic Connection. Their debut EP, 'Quarrel,' was released in 2018. They’ve played the drum kit for many bands in New York City, most notably Telenovela Star and Kenyon Phillips & The Ladies In Waiting. Nikkiesha's work has appeared in the literary journal [sic], on the online literary and artistic expression of queer and trans* people of color forum Black Girl Dangerous, and the LGBTQ mental health anthology Headcase.
Recent Posts
This week, Nikkie interviews Nyallah about their debut EP, ‘Reflections,’ as well as their experience in the music industry as a Black queer/GNC femme.
This week, Nikkie interviews the Black Trans artist Anjimile, whose album, ‘Giver Taker,’ will be released on September 18th by Father/Daughter Records. There’s also music by TruVonne and Shannon Sea. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
This week we’re listening to music by Kin4life, Delila Black, and Mackenzie Shivers. There’s also some poetry in the mix, which discusses being Black in America and all the things we used to do during the summertime and took for granted pre-Coronavirus.
‘When We See Each Other’ is a new podcast hosted by Nikkiesha McLeod that will focus on work by Black, queer, trans, non-binary artists/writers from a broad range of genres. J McVay joins Nikkiesha for this first episode to discuss their background and goals for the show. Also, Nikkiesha has a special birthday message (and song) for their niece’s birthday!