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Happiness Week - The urge for shopping depends on the individual; some truly despise the act while others literally can’t get enough. It can get to the point where some are even addicted. Do you shop to relieve stress? BTR examines the reality of retail therapy.
A new app called Wonder lets users search for and save NYC and London restaurants, bars, stores, and more by swiping. Wonder also lets users click on the location’s photo for a short description and link to the place’s main site.
Happiness Week – How do we stay happy? BTR staffers spell out the strategies we use in our daily lives, including painting nails, hiking the forest pats, finding neighborhood cats, or translating our feelings of felicity into words.
Buzz Week - Ever reached into your pocket to answer a text, only to find you have no new notifications? If you aren’t obsessed with your devices or regularly use a smartphone, you likely know someone that has felt these phantom vibrations.
Finding a roommate you can actually handle living with is a very necessary, yet complicated task. Though it can be difficult to maintain a system of organization, people tend to fall back on attempting to enforce “chore charts” or leaving passive aggressive notes next to stacks of dirty dishes in the sink.
Take advantage of your birthday month and treat yourself by signing up for some impressive deals. Whether you like coffee, clothes, makeup, or desserts, there are many ways to indulge in these personal gifts.