Michele Bacigalupo
Michele Bacigalupo is a staff writer. She frequently writes about topics that interest her, including psychology and mental health, yoga and mindfulness, art and culture, and food and wine. In addition to journalism, she writes fiction and poetry. She challenges people to follow her blog and comment on every post!

In her free time, she embraces her idiosyncrasies and subjects herself to New York's open mic scene. She still functions under the naive impression that open mics are fun. She sings, plays guitar, and performs stand-up. Her most recent resolution is to attend more poetry mics without letting the melancholy get her down.

Besides writing, her biggest passions are music and reading. She cannot tell you her favorite band or writer, because they'll likely change by tomorrow. She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She can often be found at a local music venue, on the verge of unleashing her signature dance moves.
Recent Posts
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