Even more of our DJs’ resolutions on personal listening habits and where music should go in 2012.
Those years where nothing seems to happen and why they can’t all be 1967, or 1984, or 1994…
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Our BTR Co-Editor on Rob Sheffield (pictured), finding the Best way to kill a four-hour bus trip, and wondering where feminism went?
What middle kid doesn’t grow up with some form of Jan Brady Syndrome?
Occupy Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, and the Supreme Court decision that created the new American oligarchy.
On the trouble with being labeled (or not being labeled) as the landmark artist of a hated musical genre.
Why the first Blackberry president can’t connect with his audience through social media town halls.
Channel 101, based in New York City is the latest online television craze for the niche market of TV non-purists. It is unique, clever and a breath of fresh air.
An almost-nonprofit in Brooklyn is fostering the most interesting and diverse DIY shows in an already sprawling and eclectic scene.
On idolizing artists across several pop eras who just so happened to be 24 years old when they hit their creative peak.
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BreakThru Radio sits down for a conversation with Pulizer Prize-winning political cartoonist Tom Toles of The Washington Post.
Though Charity Navigator enjoys popular trust and name-recognition, upcoming changes to the site may persuade it’s premier critics.
It’s hard not to draw comparisons between this week’s Discovery Artist, Dynasty, and the talented Lauryn Hill. However, her unique exuberance is what makes Dynasty’s stardom not out of the realm of possibility.
Once thought of as an anachronism, the cassette has recently made a comeback reminiscent of the resurgence of vinyl circa ten years ago.
From recording to shameless self-promotion, Doing-It-Yourself is a mainstay career ethic for the Internet age musician. However, for 59-year-old songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and legendary lo-fi auteur R. Stevie Moore, it has been way of life for over four decades.
The BreakThru Radio staff honors dear ol’ mom with a rundown of tracks the remind us of our mothers! Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right” is obviously a classic!