Maia & Krystine
Longtime BTRtoday host Maia Macdonald is joined by Krystine Summers to discuss women’s soccer. The two co-hosts will be heading to France this summer for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, so listen along as they cover the lead up to the big event, along with history, interviews, and more -- it's all in their podcast, Second XI!
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Second XI on BTRtoday wraps up today with the latest women's soccer news, and reflections on  2019.
On this second to last episode of Second XI, Krystine and Maia discuss some breaking  news, and review the first game of the USWNT victory tour!  
On today's episode, Krystine and Maia discuss the latest WoSo news, including US Soccer's open letter in response to calls for equal pay.   Media Recommendation: …
On this week's episode, Krystine and Maia discuss the latest woso news, reflect on their World Cup experience, and hand out awards. Media Recommendation …
Join Maia & Krystine as they attend the FIFA Women's World Cup final in Lyon, France.
This week, travel with Maia and Krystine through Lyon, France for the Women's World Cup Semi-finals! Media Recommendations & Resources: …