Shana Cleveland is a Seattle-based musician, artist, and writer. A member of the band La Luz, she also records and performs her own music under the name Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles. Her soft, mesmerizing vocal style and distinct acoustic guitar picking makes for both catchy and hypnotic folk songs. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO for an intimate solo performance, and to chat with Maia.
Happy Saturday! Today's show includes music from Sonny and the Sunsets, David Grubbs, Ferraby Lionheart and many more!
Will Sprott is a musician with a memorable voice and songwriting style. There's a timeless quality to his work, be it with his previous band, The Mumlers, or with his latest, solo effort. Originally from San Jose, CA and currently based in Seattle, there's a sort of melancholy paired with sunny, West Coast vibes to Sprott's tunes. He stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn on his first solo tour (with La Luz) to share some tunes and talk about the project.
The Glazzies are the duo of Peter Landi and Dave Horn, based out of Sag Harbor, New York. With a heavy nod to fuzzy '90s alt rock, their songs touch on grunge, psychedelic, and punk. Their love of the heavy, hooky style is so deep that they even had Dinosaur, Jr. drummer Murph play on their EP. The guys came by Serious Business in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia.
Today's episode of The Folk Wave includes music from The Mountain Goats, Bill Callahan, Keaton Henson and many more!
PWR BTTM is the NY-based queer punk duo of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. Switching off between drums and guitar, the band's latest release looks at their experiences with queerness, gender, and adulthood while living upstate. Full of fun, fuzz, catchy melodies, and extreme finger-tapping, their songs are just too good to not love. They stopped by Serious Business to rock out, share some stories of songs, and to give Maia a fabulous makeover.
The Black Lillies are and indie roots band from Knoxville, TN, headed up by Cruz Contreras singer/songwriter/producer. Drawing on Americana, rock, country, gospel, and more, this hard-touring Appalachia-inspired group are ready to stomp their way into your head with their tight, catchy tunes. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some songs from their new, PledgeMusic crowd-funded record.
On today's show we feature some of your new favorite tunes from Antony & the Johnsons, Shannon Stephens, Tall Tall Trees, Milk Carton Kids, and more!
Lisa Alma is a producer, vocalist, and visual artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her synth-heavy, downtempo pop music, often accompanied by her own striking video work, tends toward introspection and melancholy, making it perhaps better suited for soundtracks than dance floors. She stopped by while in NYC working on new music, and shared a few songs and stories with Maia at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.
Julien Baker is from Memphis, Tennessee, and currently in school at MTSU. Regionally, she may be better known as a member of the punk-influenced indie band, Forrister, though in recent months her solo work has caught the attention of the national music press. What makes her stuff stick -- beyond an undeniably great voice -- is the way she effortlessly spins heart-wrenching, brutally honest, confessional lyrics over sweetly melodic, looped guitar. Without much more than a few songs floating around to hear, she's managed to captivate more than a few new fans, ahead of the release of her full recorded debut. She stopped by Serious Business Music to play a few songs and chat with Maia about her upcoming plans for both her solo work and band.
Today's show features music from Allison Weiss, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Kathleen Edwards, Death Vessel, and more!
The Brooklyn-based production duo of Devon Craig Johnson and Nasimiyu Murumba are musicians who play a variety of instruments in other projects, but here their powers combine to make the hooky pop hits of Baeb Rxxth. There are touches of trap, dance, rock, jazz, and soul in what they've got going on, but it all feels totally unique. They young band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some tunes and chat with Maia.
Bodega Bay are a New York-based art rock sextet. The band uses familiar musical ideas (think Velvets, Pavement, Wire) in tandem with improvisation, sociopolitical commentary, performance, text, disruption, and assorted experimentation to arrive at their own distinct creations. Their latest release arrives in the form of a 33 1/3 lyric and art book, accompanied by a download code for 33 songs (which are unsurprisingly overwhelmingly good). There's a freedom and playfulness in what their doing, underlying the very plainly stated truths of so many of their songs (which, again, are really, really good).