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Today's special guest is the legendary Doug Gillard!
Today's show features brand new music from Lost In The Trees, Vaiapraia, Mark McGuire, and more!
Miwi La Lupa performs live in our studios, fresh from their return from the "Rust Belt Tour"
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It's Valentines Day weekend here on the Folk Wave, enjoy new music from Glen Hansard, The Amazing, Bill Callahan, and an in studio performance from Gregory and the Hawk!
Blood Warrior performs live in our studios!
Gregory and The Hawk performs a brand new set of songs, live in our studios.
Tune in today for an all new broadcast of The Folk Wave on BreakThru Radio!
Secret Someones join us for an interview and performance of their brand new songs!
Karikatura performs live in our studios!
On today's show we feature brand new music from Agesandages, ASPE, Damien Jurado, Glen Hansard, and more!