Beating Hearts

Premiere DateDec 10, 2018
Categories Health & Fitness Music
00:00 Mic Break
01:29 Dance (Extended Mix) Moska & Brooke Evers
04:34 Danso Kan Greenblood meets Akilignouma
10:45 Bad Boys INNA
13:18 Mic Break
13:27 Downtown (Club Mix) Deekey & Davis Mallory
17:04 Don’t Take Your Love (Original Mix) Robby East
20:52 Lies (Extended Mix) Sunday Noise, Al Sharif & Uncore
26:31 Mic Break
26:39 The Sky (Extended Mix) Henry Dark
32:43 Déjà Vu (Original Mix) Wolfgang Gartner
36:07 Anyway (Club Mix) LNY TNZ ft. Xerxesbakker
38:48 Mic Break
38:53 Tetra (Extended Mix) Moguai
45:47 Over & Out (Extended Mix) Rusian Radriges & Lucid Blue
50:52 Mic Break
50:58 Unlock Code (Original Mix) Dave Anqii
56:36 Say My Name (Original Mix) Artistic Raw
61:27 Mic Break
61:36 MasterNight (Dirty Barks Remix) Nicola Fly ft. Yanis.S
67:36 Whip It (Instrumental Mix) Curbi
70:57 Mic Break
71:06 Sunshine State (Extended Mix) Johan Gielen
76:54 Onawo (Extended Mix) Lumisade
84:02 Mic Break
84:06 Says Without Going (Original Mix) Mat Zo
91:11 When You Are Beside Me (Extended Mix) Farzin
96:55 Mic Break
97:05 Despierta (Harry Romero Extended Sweet Remix) Frank Nitty ft. Melody Betancourt
103:40 Ocean Palm (Original Mix) Chess
106:34 Mic Break
106:44 Doux (Original Mix) Eauxmar
108:58 KTDNG (Raumakustik Extended Remix) Roog & Phonic Funk
114:32 Mic Break
114:43 Drama Free (Extended Instrumental Mix) Deadmau5 ft. Lights
120:49 Confess Dalmation (Original Mix) Khaen
125:15 Mic Break
125:21 Dive (Extended mix) Khrebto
128:48 Beating Hearts (Extended Mix) Paige & Nikki
132:12 Mic Break
132:40 My Position (Original Mix) Prince Paris & Mindtrix
136:02 Open End Resource (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer ft. Alison May
141:51 Mic Break
143:04 It Was You (Original Mix) Goldfish & Zeeba
145:35 They Ain’t Cryin Sarah Fimm
149:31 Finish

Keep your workout music fresh all year long and crank up this high intensity party for your pavement! This heart pounding playlist will provide you with all the entertainment & motivation you need to amp up your sweat session courtesy of Deekey, Henry Dark, Eauxmar and so many more! Tracks like ‘Déjà Vu’ by Wolfgang Gartner will inspire you to crush your fitness goals!

Meredith is a DJ/producer born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She was always a collector of vast amounts of music and grew up listening to all styles, from Afrobeat to hip-hop to reggae. Growing up in the big…