Worldwide Hour

Premiere DateMar 19, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Wynn
01:11 Fania Johnny Pacheco
03:37 Jibaro Soy Raphy Leavitt
08:35 Ngombelle Laba Sosseh
16:22 Pegaso The Latin Brothers
20:59 Hwahwa Thomas Mapfumo
25:46 Goiabada Cascao - Beth Carvalho
28:58 DJ Wynn
29:53 Colonial Mentality Fela Kuti
43:33 Nalembi Kotuna - Mayos Muana Ngombo
49:23 Yo Soy Boricua Sociedad 76
53:22 Zewa Idee Sam Mangwana
61:38 Juana Pena Willie Colon
67:10 DJ Wynn
68:20 Pegaso the Latin Brothers
72:56 Finish

Johnny Pacheco

Beth Carvalho

Fela Kuti

Host DJ Wynn
Raised and schooled in Florida, Wynn's love for music started with recording songs off the radio and making crude mix tapes for his bus mates. His tastes started to round out once he learned the trick to buying…