Worldwide Hour

Premiere DateNov 14, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Wynn
00:49 El Salsero de Brazzaville Jose Missamou
10:08 Dongari Super Biton de Segou
17:40 Cardiaque ya L'Amour
23:50 Lufuala Ndonga Konono No.1
33:16 DJ Wynn
33:41 Papy Ozonga Bopol Mansiamina
41:04 Senegaal Sunugaal Orchestre du Baobab
47:09 Masikulu Konono No.1
55:03 DJ Wynn
55:28 Kwa Kula - Jose Missamou
64:47 Finish

Jose Missamou

Konono No.1

Bopol Mansiamina

Raised and schooled in Florida, Wynn's love for music started with recording songs off the radio and making crude mix tapes for his bus mates. His tastes started to round out once he learned the trick to buying…