Wiretap Music

Premiere DateJan 28, 2013
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00:00 Wiretap Music on BTR!
00:39 I Bought My Eyes Ty Segall Band
04:50 Goldilocks Zone Grass Widow
07:59 Only Son Buffalo Tooth
10:13 Get Up or Get Out Future Twin
13:53 L.A. Sacrifice Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
18:02 More Wiretap Music on BTR coming up!
19:07 Broken Eyes Two Gallants
21:46 Where We Trip The Light Dominant Legs
25:12 Glyphs Sic Alps
28:41 Forget It Permanent Collection
31:44 King Of Days High On Fire
38:51 Wiretap Music on BTR will be right back after this air break
40:17 Sod In The Seed Why? (Sod in the Seed EP just came out)
45:00 Gremlins Crawl Shannon and the Clams (Gremlins Crawl 7")
48:44 You Can Trust A Robot Exray's (Trust A Robot 2012)
51:21 Neverland Le VICE
55:29 Let The Door Swing Birds & Batteries (Stray Light, came out Aug 7)
59:14 That's it for Wiretap Music... till next time!
60:13 Finish

Encore – Originally Aired 8/13/2012

So much new music! Hell yeah. Two Gallants, Ty Segall Band, Grass Widow, Future Twin, Permanent Collection, Birds & Batteries. Come and get you some!




Host Mike G.
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