Ep 9: The Black Creatures

Premiere DateOct 21, 2020
Categories Hip Hop Music R&B
00:00 Intro/Sponsor
01:12 “Wild” The Black Creatures
05:53 START /// Interview: Jade & Xavier from The Black Creatures
06:02 Inspirations for getting into music
09:31 First songs written
12:17 Meeting and starting to make music together
15:22 Behind the name “The Black Creatures”
17:39 Kansas City, MO and the scene there
23:19 About the album: ‘Wild Echoes’ / political themes / behind the title, etc
36:51 Recording process
40:01 Creative process
43:30 Effects of the pandemic on album release, etc
50:54 Connection between music and Black/queer identity
54:15 Being Black/queer in the music industry
58:48 Artist comparisons and surprising influences
62:11 How their sound differs from other genre related artists
64:36 Plans for the future / wrapping up /// END
67:40 Mic Break
68:17 “Wretched (It Goes)” The Black Creatures
71:37 Outro/Sponsor
72:33 Produced by Stereoactive Media
72:59 Finish

Nikkiesha interviews The Black Creatures, a multi-genre duo from Kansas City, Missouri. We also hear a couple of tracks off their album, ‘Wild Echoes,’ which is available from Center Cut Records

This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.

Nikkiesha Nicole McLeod is a queer, non-binary Trinidadian singer-songwriter, percussionist and writer. They began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when they convinced their parents to let them join the…