Ep 7: Blxck Cxsper + Trans Trenderz

Premiere DateSep 23, 2020
00:00 Intro/Sponsor
01:15 “Trans Trender” Blxck Cxsper
04:48 START /// Interview: Blxck Cxsper on record label Trans Trenderz
07:18 The meaning behind label name
10:14 The Ghostly Beats Project and working with Studio G Brooklyn
14:25 Helping Black/trans artists in the future
16:48 Creating a legacy and documenting history
18:50 Response to the label
20:17 Breaking down barriers for Black/trans artists
23:38 The history of Black/trans artists the industry and how that affects the future
26:05 Reaching people outside of the community
32:18 The changing landscape for Black/trans artists
33:40 Taking it global
37:18 The artists on the label
41:25 The Montreal scene
43:08 Upcoming releases
44:54 Dual role as artist and label founder
47:36 How has the pandemic affected plans?
49:31 Where to find Trans Trenderz and Blxck Cxsper / wrapping up //// END
50:52 Mic Break
51:07 “5 Years From Now” Blxck Cxsper
55:02 “#NoDaysOff” Blxck Cxsper
58:31 “Cynical” Blxck Cxsper feat. Jupiter Gray
61:14 Outro/Sponsor
62:14 Produced by Stereoactive Media
62:39 Finish

Nikkiesha interviews Black Cxspxr, artist and founder of the Black/trans label Trans Trenderz.

This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.

Nikkiesha Nicole McLeod is a queer, non-binary Trinidadian singer-songwriter, percussionist and writer. They began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when they convinced their parents to let them join the…