Ep 6: A Recap and New Music

Premiere DateSep 9, 2020
Categories Hip Hop Indie Music R&B Rock
00:00 Intro/Sponsor
00:56 Poem: “Distance”
3:45 “Baby No More” Anjimile
6:27 “Maker” Anjimile
9:20 “Do You Remember” NYALLAH
13:22 “Smoking Mirror” NYALLAH
18:22 “Black Fantasy Dream” NYALLAH
23:37 “The Journey” NYALLAH
27:32 Mic Break
28:10 “Makda” Witch Prophet
30:18 “Musa” Witch Prophet
33:07 “Roman” Witch Prophet
35:53 Mic Break
36:25 “Burner Phones” Jay Americana
38:01 “Sensitive” Jay Americana
40:56 “Elevator” Jay Americana
43:44 “Fluid” Shelz
46:55 “Mountebank” Spring Silver
53:07 “Drop into The Blue” Spring Silver
58:12 “I’m Not Sorry and I’m Not Scared” Bethany Thomas
61:26 Outro/Sponsor
62:53 Produced by Stereoactive Media
63:14 Finish

Nikkiesha revisits the artists interviewed on the podcast so far, playing more music by Anjimile, NYALLAH, and Witch Prophet.

Also, music by Jay Americana, Silver Spring, Shelz, and Bethany Thomas.

This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.

Nikkiesha Nicole McLeod is a queer, non-binary Trinidadian singer-songwriter, percussionist and writer. They began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when they convinced their parents to let them join the…