Ep 10: Billy Dean Thomas

Premiere DateNov 4, 2020
Categories Hip Hop Music R&B
00:00 Intro/Sponsor
01:04 “Trust No Mo” Billy Dean Thomas
04:14 START /// Interview: Billy Dean Thomas / Inspirations for getting into music
05:33 First rap
06:17 New EP: ‘For Better Or Worse’ / being politically conscious / impact of Black/queer identity on the music
10:12 Changing landscape for queer/trans/non binary people
11:48 Recording process / how the EP is different from previous work / behind the EP title
20:24 From Harlem to Boston / the Boston hip hop scene
24:01 Effects of the pandemic
26:10 Love for the studio
28:30 Writing for other artists
30:50 Artist comparisons and surprising influences
32:45 Differences from other genre related artists / creating beats
34:20 Favorite artist at the moment: Smino
35:28 Currently reading / future plans / wrapping up
38:55 A few bars, live from Billy Dean Thomas /// END
41:10 Mic Break
41:38 “Trump Vs. Biden” Billy Dean Thomas
44:46 “Niggas Aint Perfect” Billy Dean Thomas
47:32 Outro/Sponsor
51:18 Produced by Stereoactive Media
51:43 Finish

Nikkiesha interviews the rapper Billy Dean Thomas, born in Harlem, but now living in Boston. We also hear a few tracks off their new EP, ‘For Better or Worse,’ which is available on all platforms.

This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.

Nikkiesha Nicole McLeod is a queer, non-binary Trinidadian singer-songwriter, percussionist and writer. They began playing the steel pan at the age of twelve when they convinced their parents to let them join the…