Week of 08/08/17

Premiere DateAug 8, 2017
Categories Electronic Music
00:00 DJ Katia
01:04 Twisty Anja Schneider
07:52 Warmbad Umami
14:29 Toona Jonathan Kaspar
23:02 DJ Katia
23:56 Thank U Rodriguez Jr.
29:41 Dali Bear Toma Kami
35:57 DJ Katia
37:08 Lose My Mind Pongo vs Stereo MC’s
44:50 Filmriss Oliver Huntemann
52:19 DJ Katia
53:30 Hidden Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld
61:06 Finish

New tracks are coming your way: Berlins radio host, label owner and producer Anja Schneider is back with a brand new tune, Cologne-based Jonathan Kaspar has also released a cool new EP and French electronic wizard Toma Kami comes along with a release on his own fresh label. Fellow French expat Rodriguez Jr. joins the mix with a charming summer tune; Oliver Huntemann, Umami, Guy Mantzur, Roy Rosenfeld, Pongo and Stereo MC’s contribute straight deep house sounds for your second week of August.

Anja Schneider – Twisty

Jonathan Kaspar – Toona

Toma Kami – Dali Bear

HOST Katia
Katia already knew she had a thing for radio when she started writing fan letters to her favorite show host during the Cold War in East Germany. Little did she know the missives never reached her object of desire…