Week of 05/02/17

Premiere DateMay 2, 2017
Categories Electronic Music
00:00 DJ Katia
01:22 Floating Walk Lexer & Paji
06:52 Bagel Justin Cudmore
12:16 Gernkraftwerk Kalipo
17:49 DJ Katia
19:01 Freeplay Leo Woelfel
26:38 My Past Is Your Future Talamanca System
31:50 Drive Redshape
36:09 DJ Katia
37:29 Three Way Is The Hard Way Bwana
42:30 Over the Clouds Giorgia Angiuli
49:51 Karma Hosh
56:56 DJ Katia
58:02 For We The Living Superpose
62:28 Finish

It´s May- and even though the temperatures don`t show it yet, it sure feels like Summer in Berlin: Lots of outdoor activities in the city- street musicians, people sitting in parks picnicing, clubs are starting to open their doors for the first open air nights, and of course: electronic music remains the order of the day, or night for that matter. Today´s episode of Via Berlin features music by Lexer & Paji, Justin Cudmore, Kalipo, Leo Woelfel, Talamanca System, Redshape, Bwana, Giorgio Angiuli, Hosh, and Superpose. Enjoy!

Talamanca System – My Past Is Your Future

Lexer & Paji – Floating Walk

Hosh – Karma

Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way

HOST Katia
Katia already knew she had a thing for radio when she started writing fan letters to her favorite show host during the Cold War in East Germany. Little did she know the missives never reached her object of desire…