April Shower

Premiere DateApr 4, 2017
Categories Electronic Music
00:00 DJ Katia
01:08 Trust Max Cooper feat. Tom Hodge & Katrin deBoer vs. Christian Löffler
08:24 Odensa Moonwalk & Teenage Mutants
14:46 DJ Katia
15:49 Salvation GHEIST feat. Bayker
19:19 Comes Home Pale Blue vs. Pional
25:12 Horse Society andhim vs. Acid Pauli
31:41 Domino Oxia vs. Matador
37:23 DJ Katia
38:52 Soak James Hadfield feat. Danny Linton vs. Axel Boman
42:07 Azul Sam Shure vs. Lars Moston
50:07 The Sun Boss Axis vs. Township Rebellion
57:08 DJ Katia
58:01 Sixth Sense Sascha Braemer
65:12 Finish

April’s first edition of Via Berlin is prepared- with much love, needless to say. The ingredients for today’s dish are simple and relatively easy to digest, and made of fine electronica tunes.  We’ve compiled for you music by andhim, Pale Blue, Gheist, Lars Moston, Sascha Braemer, Sam Shure, Oxia Boss Axis and Moonwalk, to name a few. Max Cooper is kicking of today’s show, with a little help from Tom Hodge & Katrin deBoer, as well as Christian Löffler.


Moonwalk – Abstract

Oxia-24 Heures

Sascha Braemer – Sixth Sense

HOST Katia
Katia already knew she had a thing for radio when she started writing fan letters to her favorite show host during the Cold War in East Germany. Little did she know the missives never reached her object of desire…