Week of 11/16/15

Premiere DateNov 17, 2015
Categories Electronic Music
00:00 DJ Katia
00:42 Let It Happen Tame Impala vs Soulwax
09:24 Stay In Love – Holtoug vs Acid Pauli
16:21 Harmony – Deep88
20:43 DJ Katia
21:41 Yto – Namito & Brams vs Ruede Hagelstein
29:24 Illusion – Miyagi (Soul Button Mix)
37:20 Alhambra – KMLN feat. Dirtwire
43:41 DJ Katia
45:13 Generations – Mano Le Tough
49:17 Detonation Disco – Dolby D
54:19 DJ Katia
54:53 Ain't No More Flowers – Deadbeat feat. Fink
61:38 Finish

Via Berlin week of November, 16 2015

Mano Le Tough
(photo Mano Le Tough)

(photo Namito)

(photo Deadbeat)

Host Katia
Katia already knew she had a thing for radio when she started writing fan letters to her favorite show host during the Cold War in East Germany. Little did she know the missives never reached her object of desire…