Week of 10/06/2015

Premiere DateOct 6, 2015
Categories Electronic Music
00:00 DJ Katia
00:42 Punxsutawney – Pan Pot feat. Frankie
04:15 Pina – Pan Pot
10:35 DJ Katia
11:21 Monti Ed Ed
18:22 Schwarzlicht – Oliver Huntemann
26:21 I AM THE JOKER – Boris Brejcha
34:35 Optimistic Grey – Pan Pot
40:13 DJ Katia
40:58 Frontline – Gregor Tresher
46:54 The Zoo – Ed Ed
54:15 DJ Katia
55:17 DON’T FALL ASLEEP – Boris Brejcha
62:15 Finish

Via Berlin – Week of October 5 2015

Pan Pot

Boris Brejcha

(pic Oliver Huntemann by Katja Ruge and Angel Ghosts)

Host Katia
Katia already knew she had a thing for radio when she started writing fan letters to her favorite show host during the Cold War in East Germany. Little did she know the missives never reached her object of desire…