UK Hip Hop Show

Premiere DateDec 21, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00    Intro
00:32    Dat Time Klashnekoff
03:37    Know Your Roots Soulja Soulz ft Franko Fraise
07:05    Music Aint The Revolution A.C. ft Genesis Elijah
11:07    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
16:12    I Know Mic Righteous ft Preston Play
19:48    Everyday  The People Army
23:25    SouthSide Connection English Frank ft Various Artists
28:39    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
32:52    Sorry For The Long Ting Just P
35:37    This Is England Big Dutty Deeze
39:53    Climbing Baron Samedi
43:26    Cost Of Living Innuendo ft Ro Jista & MR2G
47:42    Gone Shoxstar
51:21    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
55:49    Do You Feel Like Me B-iLLA ft Trickady
59:39    Knowledge Is Power Akala
64:25    Temple Of Aset Cyrus Malachi
66:07    Strength In Numbers Tricksta ft Various Artists
70:35    THE END With Sinista & Stark Note
71:54     Finish

UK HIP HOP SHOW with Sinista & Stark Note – Friday 21st December 2012

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Thats right people, its Christmas, its also the 21st and we’re still here… I think. Sinista & Stark Note have a festive sack full of dope UK Hip Hop for you to unwrap. As we are in the final stages of the year the lads will be playing a cornucopia of the year’s best songs from the year’s best releases. With music from the likes of Big Dutty Deeze, Klashnekoff, Innuendo, English Frank and many many more. So wrap up warm, put the kettle on and relax to some of the freshest UK sounds.

Innuendo – Off The Cuff EP

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers Vol. 3

English Frank – Listen To Frank

Born in 1989 in Norwich, England, DJ Sinista was intrigued by music from a very young age and always felt a strong connection with hip hop. After high school, he decided to attend a music college in England…