UK Hip Hop Show

Premiere DateNov 16, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00    Intro
00:32    You Don't Own Me The Legionnaries
05:20    Time Lefty
08:56    Bishop & Cable Kal Sereousz ft Cappo
12:33    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
18:59    Contemplation Just P
22:38    Sorry For The Long Ting  Just P
24:56    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
29:22    Hush Now Life MC ft Pet
33:40    Old's Cool Taylor Adams aka Pamflit ft Tenchoo
36:22    H.A.T.E. Kris Flava ft Halo
39:39    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
44:43    They Will Never Understand Us Brig Dutty Deez Ft Ruste Juxx & Prome
48:03    This Is England Billy Tha Kidd aka Odda
52:18    Barry Bigyun, Sinista & Stark Note Talking
54:38    Criminals   Dominant Force
60:01    Liar Liar Huntkillbury Finn Ft Gunshot & Taskforce
64:57    Finish

UK Hip Hop Show with Sinista & Stark Note – Friday 16th November 2012

Yes Yes!!! Welcome Back to the UK Hip Hop Show. With Sinista and Stark Note. It’s colder than usual on road right now. So turn up that heating and tune into the freshest UK sounds from the likes of Lefty, Taylor Adams aka Pamflit, Big Dutty Deeze and many more. Barry Bigyun also returns and takes us to Classic Corner. Playing some heavy tracks from the UK Hip Hop vault. So put the kettle on and let Sinista and Stark Note take you on a trip through around the UK.


Just P – Sorry For The Long Ting, I’ve Been Busy EP

Taylor Adams – Wow Thats What I Call Music

The Legionnaries – October

Recorded At The Tower and at Old School Studios Norwich, UK.

Born in 1989 in Norwich, England, DJ Sinista was intrigued by music from a very young age and always felt a strong connection with hip hop. After high school, he decided to attend a music college in England…