UK Hip Hop Show

Premiere DateAug 17, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00    Intro
00:32    Educated Tug Sh*t – Akala ft English Frank
04:23    Get Educated – Akala
08:20    Knowledge Is Power Akala
13:24    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
17:33    UK Riots MCD
21:32    Soundtrack To The Struggle Lowkey
26:41    Why? M9 ft Cyrus Malachi
30:06    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
35:06    Gone ShoXstar (The Legionnaires)
38:48    No Doubt Lefty, Killa Impact and ShoXstar (The Legionnaires)
41:46    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
43:36    Whats The Difference AC and Otee The Scoundrel
46:50    Battleground Mr Melta ft Kosh
49:33    Herbs Cyclonious ft Big Cakes
53:05    Sinista & Stark Note Talking
56:02    Big Drinking Big Toast ft Jack Diggs & The Strange Neighbour
59:19    Ip Man Big Toast
63:21    Finish

UK HIP HOP SHOW with Sinista & Stark Note – Friday 17th August 2012

Yes Yes!!! What is up with all the UK Hip Hop Heads out there. The Olympics have passed but the summer of love is continuing with The UK Hip Hop Show right here on Sinista and Stark Note have a bag for of tunes for you summer afternoons. With music from the likes of Akala, M9, The Legionnaires and many more. So chill with the warm sun and let Sinista and Stark Note take you on a journey.

The Legionaires – July

Mr Melta – Meltdown Vol. 2

Big Toast – Crusts 2 (Work Is Soul Rape)

AC & Otee The Scoundrel – My Perspective EP

Recorded At The Tower and at Old School Studios Norwich, UK.

Born in 1989 in Norwich, England, DJ Sinista was intrigued by music from a very young age and always felt a strong connection with hip hop. After high school, he decided to attend a music college in England…