It's December and the holiday season is in full effect! Sinista returns with the annual “Best Of” show, where he takes you through the best the UK has had to offer in 2015. Dope tracks from the likes of Mic Righteous, Chrome & Illinspired, Akala, Triple Darknes and many,many more. So Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the show.
November is upon us and the UK Hip Hop exponents known as Sinsta & Stark Note have returned with a boot full of UKHH! There is music from the likes of Cappo, Ricky Lix, Gi3mo and many more. Ray Vendetta's Adamantium Archives is the Album Of The Month and the ever ready legendary Raga Twins are getting a spin in Classic Corner as we feature "Reggae Owes Me Money". So pump the volume up, put the kettle on and enjoy some DOPE UK Hip Hop.
It's October and the sun is still shining! So make the most of this apparent Indian Summer and chill with Sinista as we play some dope UK Hip Hop. There is no Stark Note this month due to a studio relocation, but he will be back very soon. While Stark Note might be absent the heavy UK Hip Hop is not! Dirty Dike’s latest offering “Sucking Prawns In the Moonlight” Is the Album Of The Month, plus there is brand new music from the likes, Ray Vendetta, Stig Of The Dump, Holly Flo Lightly and many more. Hope you enjoy!
It's September, the autumn has arrived and Sinista & Stark Note return with a bag full of bangers to quell any of your post summer blues. This month is a classic show and we have dope tracks from yesteryear, music from the likes of Rodney P, Blade, Lowkey and many more. So put the kettle on and let the UK Hip Hop Show take you on a trip down memory lane...
We arrive at August and as the summer starts to wind down Sinista & Stark Note are here to keep the temperature rising with some dope Hip Hop, UK style! With music from Twizzy, who’s “Done With the Bull” is Album Of The Month, Trademark Blud, Akala and many more. Plus Lewis Parker’s Rise EP is getting spun in classic corner. So pull up a chair and come take a ride on the UK Hip Hop mothership!
Its July, and the summer is in British style flow, with heat waves followed by monsoon type showers, followed by the odd thunderstorm! The UK Hip Hop Show is also in full flow and its a little bit easier to predict. As Sinista & Stark Note turn up on the 3rd Friday of every month with a phat sack of UK Hip Hop for your ear drums pleasure. This month there is music from the likes Of Stig of the Dump, Planet Of The Fakes, Kingpin (Who’s dope album “Art Of Survival” is Album Of The Month) & many more! Taskforce are getting a spin in Classic Corner as we showcase their timeless “Music From The Corner Vol. 2”. So chill out, turn it up and we hope you enjoy.
June has arrived and summer is here! Most of you will be spending your spare time out in the sun but if you are knocking about the house, come join Sinista & Stark Note as we play some of the freshest sounds the UK has to offer. We got music from the likes of Novar, 2 complex, Stone Bench, whose album “Animal House” is the album of the month and much more. Classic Corner is back and we are playing Life MC’s stellar “Realities Of Life”. So come join us for the next hour and enjoy the sounds of UK Hip Hop!
MAY! The year is in full swing now and to quell any post election blues you may have Sinista & Stark Note return to the air waves with a Classic UK Hip Hop show. By "classic" we mean that we will be playing music from years gone past though out the whole show. We got classic bangers from the likes of Klashnekoff, 57th Dynasty, Blade and many, many more. So crank it up to 11 and enjoy of dope sounds from years gone by!
It's April and we are showering the once Great Britain with a truck load of UK Hip Hop. Sinista & Stark Note showcase music from the likes of TSK, Gensis Elijah and many more. Filthy Funk's (Dotz & Peterz) "Funking Hell" is being blasted as The Album Of The Month and UK Hip Hop Stalwarts Task Force are in Classic Corner, as we reminisce on their classic "Music From The Corner Volume.1". So sit back, relax and peep the heavy UK sound.
March! And the fact that the temperature is starting to rise as the UK Hip Hop show comes back is no coincidence. Sinista & Stark Note return with dope tracks from the likes of Ray Vendetta, Fliptrix and many more. The Four Owls recently returned with their sterling "Natural Order" offering and that is featured as our Album Of The Month. Cappo's "Spaz The World" is getting spun in Classic Corner and when you add that to everything else in this months show you come up with a phat sack of dopiness we hope you all enjoy.
February and love is in the air, the birds are singing sweet songs of romance and the clou… Nah, we're just playing. Like every 3rd Friday of the month Sinista and Stark Note are back with a fat sack of UK Hip Hop to punch your ear drums clean off!!! With music from the likes of the Four Owls, Chrome & Illinspired plus many more. So any blues that you may be experiencing this month will be instantly washed away!
So its 2015, a fresh new start for a fresh new year and Sinista & Stark Note are back with a bag of fresh as fook tracks for your ear d-rums! This is a special show as it celebrates the show being in full swing for 5 years, 5 YEARS! We can hardly believe it ourselves. To head up this celebratory show we have music from the likes of Cee Major, Big Duty Deeze and more. Daddylongluv and Dr. Wahgo's "LUV CRIMES" is the Album Of The Month and Jehst's Classic "Return Of The Drifter" is in classic corner. So we hope you enjoy our 5th year show and heres to another 5 years!