Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. The end of the year is upon us and that can only mean 2 things, Christmas is here and the annual best of the year UK Hip Hop Show has arrived. Sinista and Stark Note round up the year by not actually talking much about what has happened. But they do play music from their favourite UK Hip Hop albums of the year to end what has been a big 12 months for the UK Hip Hop scene. So enjoy some dopeness as we prepare for the UK Hip Hop shows 4th birthday in January! On behalf of The UK Hip Hop Show and everyone at Break Thru Radio, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
It's november, the rain has hit and the temperature has dropped. But thats only on the outside. Sinista and Stark Note are keeping the heat up in the cabin with a bag full of UK Hip Hop goodness. We got brand new music from the likes of Brotherman, Sludge Brothers plus more. Apex Zero's "Reality Provoking Liberation" is the album of the month and we playing Universal Soldiers "Street Veterans 1&2" in Classic Corner.So come on a journey for the next hour with Sinista and Stark Note and find out what the UK has to offer.
Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. The Dynamic Duo have returned after the coup at The Tower. Stark Note made it to the Secret Rendezvous point and we have now found a new permanent location, The Cabin. Although the location has changed The lads still bring that classic UK Flava to punch your ear drums off! With music from the likes of LifeMC, Planet Of The Fakes, Farma G and many more. So sit back relax and enjoy some sweet UK sounds before the cabin fever sets in.
Autumn is here, and so begins a new chapter in the history of the UK Hip Hop Show. Sinista and Stark Note have had to relocate, after a coup by The Orcs led to an overthrowing of power at the tower. So The Fearless Duo have had to relocate to the "Secret Rendezvous Point". Sinista is the only one to make it there so far, so is on his lonesome this month. But nontheless the show is still packed with heavy Hip Hop from the likes of Audit, Triple Darkness, Blasfima Sinna and Klashnekoff is featured in Classic Corner this month. So after a few mishaps and an overthrowing of power we still have a heavy show in store.
Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. Sinista and Stark Note are back with some UK Hip Hop goodness for your eardrums to digest. We got music from the likes of Brothers Of The Stone, Planet Of The Fakes, Benny Diction & Able 8 and many more. Hip Hop was 40 years old just last week and the lads discuss this amongst other things. We are also featuring Yungun & Mr Things highly revered album Grown Man Business in Classic Corner. So pull up a pew and get comfortable and enjoy some fine UK Hip Hop.
Great Britain has been in the mitts of a more than welcome heatwave of late and Sinista Sandinista, Stark Note and guest co-host Barry Bigyun bring you music to jam to during the summer rays. We got music from the likes of Dirty Dike, Brothers Of The Stone, and many many more. Taskforce are being spun in classic corner today and when we mix all of these factors together we got this months UK Hip Hip Show for you to enjoy.
Its the Summer Solstace and the summer is in full flow! Sinista and Stark Note are keeping with the times and bringing you a show packed with heat for your fine June afternoon. We got music from the likes of Akala, as we are featuring his latest album "The Thieves Banquet", Chrome, Kinetik and we will be Playing "Twilights Last Gleaming" from Gunshot in Classic Corner. Its going to be a phat show so crank up the volume and enjoy the sweet summer sounds of UK Hip Hop.
After the endeavours of last month Sinista and Stark Note are back. The UK Hip Hop show has come round once again to punch your ear drums off with a phat slice of dopeness courtesy of some of the UK's finest MCs. We got music from the likes of Mic Righteous, Mista Smith, Cappo and many more. Plus we are featuring "Council Estate Of Mind" by Skinnyman in Classic Corner. So get ready for some heavy sounds from these UK shores.
Yes Yes!!! The UK Hip Hop Show in full effect! As is 2013. The year is in full swing as we speak and we have music coming thick and fast for your wise self. We got new music from the likes of Cyrus Malachi, M9 as well as music from your 2 hosts with the most Sinista & Stark Note. Classic Corner is also back for another month, and this time round we are featuring the classic album "Countryman" from UK Legend Daddy Skitz! So Sit Back and let the sounds of UK Hip Hop take you on a ride.
Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. Sinista and Stark Note have returned to goodies in the form of heavy UK Hip Hop music. The lads have been extra busy this month filming short films, making punk music and generally just leaving things singed! The show is packed with new music from like of Genesis, Elijah, Cult Vader, Lusty and many more. So Sit Back and take in some of the finest sounds the UK has to offer!
Yo Yo wus up wus up!!! February is upon us and love is in the air… Well for some it is. But if you want to escape the romance for an hour or so stay locked with Sinista & Stark Note on the UK Hip Hop Show. We got new music from the likes of Micall Parknsun, Mr Ti2bs, The Bastard Sunz and many more. We are also highlighting Phi Life Cypher's UK classic album "Millennium Metaphors" in Classic Corner. So come on a journey with Sinista & Stark Note through the world of the UK Hip Hop Music Scene.
Happy New Year people! We hope you all had good Christmas and New Years celebrations. But hold on, Sinista & Stark Note have another celebration for you. The UK Hip Hop Show is three years old this month. We are trying to keep it low key. But with the phattness of the music we are bringing this month it's kinda hard. We have dope music from the likes of Baron Samedi, Leddie & Smoggy, A.C. plus many more. We are also playing music from Blak Twang in Classic Corner. Now, we know you are all back into the monotonous routine that is work or school or both but, when you get some time, kick them shoes off, loosen them ties, put the kettle on and chill to the fresh sounds of UK Hip Hop!