Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Yes, thats right people, its christmas. And Sinista has a Santa's sack full of heavy UK Hip Hop tracks for you to unwrap. Stark Note cant be with us this month due to his Arctic Expedition… But nonetheless we have music from the likes of Big Dutty Deeze, MCD, Blak Twang, and many many more. So wrap up warm, Take a seat next to the fire and relax to some of the freshest UK Hip Hop sounds.
Yes Yes!!! We are back people! The UK Hip Hop Show has arrived to supply you with another cornucopia of UK Hip Hop Sounds. Sounds so fresh you will not have to wash your ears for at least a month (wash them anyway though, as you may pick up an infection). Sinista & Stark Note are primed and ready to take you on a ride around the UK with the stereo cranked all the way up. So strap yourselves in and get ready for so heavy UK music.
The sun shining, the weather is good and its….er….October. But that is where the strangeness ends, because Sinista and Stoke Note have resumed normal service when it comes to the UK Hip Hop sounds. We have a packed show with music from the likes Jehst, Lowkey, Blade and many more. We also touch on important issues such as Black History Month, Politics, Unemployment and Lord Nelson amongst other things, and we add our unique sense of humor into the mix. So Chill Out and enjoy the sounds of the UK Hip Hop scene.
Yo people!!! The UK Hip Hop Show is back for another installment for all you Hip Hop heads to digest. We got music that will bow your ear drums like the wind is blowing these autumn leaves. With Music from the likes of Mic Righteous, Blak Twang, Taskforce and many more you wouldn’t want to be listening to anything else. So pull up a chair and jam with Sinista and Stark Note to some of the best UK Hip Hop sounds…
Hello!!! With all the trouble we have seen in the UK lately, Sinista and Stark Note have a sack full of tracks to help you get over the riots we have seen. However, we do touch on the matter, the reasons for it happening, our views, and what it will achieve. But the music is what reigns supreme round here, and it shines through on this month's show. With music from the likes of Opus One, MCD, Mic Righteous and many more. So sit back and chill out to the fresh sounds of the UK…
The lads are back for another month with a sack of tracks that cut deep. Sinista and Stark Note are here to take you on trip packed with Hip Hop sounds from United Kingdom. With Music from Freedom Of Press, DFP, Delusionists and many more, you will not want to miss out on this month’s show. Up to your Tash in UK Rap, so sit back and enjoy the fresh sounds
Summer, Summer, Summer Time!!! June is here and the road is clear due to the beautiful weather. Sinista and Stark Note have a bag full of heavy tracks for you to soak up the sun to. 100% freshness from the likes of Tenchoo, Genesis Elijah, Redeye and many more. So sit back and unwind enjoy the summer time along with some UK Hip Hop. Happy Birthday Sinista!!!
The summer is near, and we have some heat for your sunny Friday afternoon. Yes, that's right, Sinista and Stark Note are back with a bag full of summer time dopeness. With tracks from Chester P, Blak Twang, ourselves and many more you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So pull up a chair and enjoy the music like you have been this lovely weather