UK College Show

Premiere DateOct 30, 2012
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00:00 Feemtoon
00:59 Swing Your Tail The Gutterboys
03:49 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
06:45 Stupid Is As Stupid Does Darwin & The Dinosaur
09:16 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
11:44 Dirt Beneath Your Toes Rob Marr
14:34 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
17:13 Big Fucker Men
19:51 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
22:50 Daybreak Grandama
26:55 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
30:03 End Of September Girl In A Thunderbolt
33:23 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
36:43 The Chair Fever Fever
41:16 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
42:34 Dawn Of The Deaf Darwin & The Dinosaur
44:53 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
48:33 Eyes For Another Empire
52:10 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
55:23 Don't Remember Iain Lowery
59:21 Techno Leadout
60:17 Finish

UK COLLEGE MUSIC SHOW with Mr Jason & Iain Lowery ENCORE
Originally Aired – Tuesday 1st May 2012

This week, Iain and The Jayman scale the very heights of entertainment, to see if there’s anything up there worth stealing. Turns out they were already at the top of their game, and just didn’t realize it. Oh well, same old same old then..
Come on, whadd’ya say?… Let’s radio!

Darwin & The Dinosaur


Girl In A Thunderbolt


Recorded @ Old School Studios, Studio C.

Ian & Jason are (self) sponsored by Sandclaad. The cockney music website. Go to Iain & Jason’s “Packed Full Of Jam” website to find out more.

HOST Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…