UK College Show

Premiere DateSep 25, 2012
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00:00    Feemtoon
01:13    Funnyman The Piratones
03:23    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
04:42    Weatherman Solko
09:16    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
12:24    Enough Can Never Be Enough The Dolphin Post
16:13    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
18:15    Searchlights Sharp Teeth!
24:05    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
25:59    Breaking Beautiful Little Red Kings
29:49    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
31:39    Broken Homes Dr. James Eliot 'Awkward' Taylor
33:31    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
35:34    Heaven Feat. Booda French Frankie Stew & Cuth
38:00    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
40:38    Weekend Blues Solko
46:43    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
50:25    Cathy Come Home The Dolphin Post
53:22    Mr Jason & Iain Talking
54:51    Keys Sharp Teeth
58:57    Techno Leadout
59:54    Finish

UK COLLEGE MUSIC SHOW with Mr Jason & Iain Lowery – Tuesday 25th September 2012

This week, Iain and Jason overthrow a maniacal opressor, simply with the strength of their characters, their dashing good looks, rapier wit, and £10,000,000 worth of awesome fire-power. Oh, and they also play some UK College based music whilst they’re at it.
Come on, whadd’ya say?… Let’s radio!

The Piratones

Dr. James Eliot ‘Awkward’ Taylor

Booda French


Recorded @ Old School Studios, Studio C.

Ian & Jason are (self) sponsored by Sandclaad. The cockney music website. Go to Iain & Jason’s “Packed Full Of Jam” website to find out more.

HOST Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…