Pam Mandel

Premiere DateNov 30, 2015
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00:00 Intro
00:52 Yellow Brick Road Little Lapin
01:42 My World Food Bucket List
09:52 Silent Tears Little Lapin
10:50 Nerd's Eye View Pam Mandel
26:25 Send Off
26:52 Friendships on Fire Little Lapin
31:02 Finish

DJ Jess

Welcome to the Twenty-Something Traveler – the travel podcast dedicated entirely to the twenty-something in search of adventure! I’m your host, DJ Jess, and you can find me at —


Happy Thanksgiving week! In honor of the most gluttonous of Holidays, I’m giving you my foodie bucket list; meals froma around the world that I’d be willing to fly to!

Then we’re chatting with one of my favorite travel writers, Pam Mandel, author behind the blog Nerd’s Eye View.

(Pam Mandel)

You can find Pam at–



(Mississippi, Photo by Pam Mandel)

(Photo by Pam Mandel)

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