Brittany Tedesco

Premiere DateMay 9, 2016
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Intro
01:35 Turned The Heat Off Mirah
02:45 Study Abroad Brittany Tedesco
11:00 Fleetfoot Ghost Mirah
12:55 Story Time Brittany Tedesco
28:59 Send Off
29:17 Goldrush Mirah
34:37 Finish

This week we have a super special guest – BTRtoday’s own contributing writer Brittany Tedesco! Brittany is an avid world traveler and all-around wonderful person. She lived in Australia for a year, has traveled throughout Europe and Asai, and is about to embark on a month long trip through Egypt! Tune in to hear her favorite travel stories and more!

(Egypt. Photo courtesy of Flickr user M M)

(Egypt. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Dennis Jarvis)

(Egypt. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Renate Dodell)

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