Twenty-Something Traveler

Premiere DateOct 6, 2014
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00:00 Intro
01:26 The Bells Lowell
02:01 Niume Daniel Gennaoui
09:55 BlaBlaCar Alec Dent
14:36 Trampolinn Sebastien Claeys and Clément Schmitt
18:20 Shine My Diamond Ring Sean Rowe
18:51 Local Eyes Rome
35:00 Send Off
35:31 Summertime Lowell
39:41 Finish

DJ Jess

Welcome to the Twenty-Something Traveler – the new travel podcast only on BTR! Hosted by DJ Jess, this podcast is entirely dedicated to helping twenty-somethings get out and travel. An array of guests from around the globe will teach you how to do it for cheap — including info on couchsurfing, work study, AirBnB, hitchhiking, walking, road trips, and all manner of ways to see the world you haven’t considered. Plus each week we’ll ask a local living in a popular destination to curate their best 24-hours there so you’ll get the most authentic experience possible from the minute you arrive!

This week’s topic is “Sharing!” A recent conference between TED and IBM explored how idea sharing in the digital age can re-imagine our future. In honor of the broadcast, we’ll be covering sharing companies that are key to twenty-something travelers. Tune in to hear from special guests —

Daniel Gennaoui — Founder of the idea sharing and networking platform Niume. Find Daniel at —


(From Niume)

Alec Dent — UK Rep for the car sharing platform BlaBlaCar. Find BlaBlaCar at —


(From BlaBla Car Facebook)

Sebastien Claeys and Clement Schmitt — Founder and PR for the home sharing platform Trampolinn. Find Trampolinn at —


(From Trampolinn Facebook)

Then we’ll get some local eyes on the scene in Rome! Rome is a beautiful city, but it can be overwhelming. Don’t miss the ladies behind the blog Young In Rome as they tell you exactly where to go, where to stay, how to get around, and most importantly, where to eat.

(Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn)


Highlights from Lauren and Flavia in Rome

Oldbridge Gelato

Villa Borghese

(Photo courtesy of Isabella Ricci)


(Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn)

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