Premiere DateJul 13, 2015
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00:00 Intro
01:31 Eastern Wind Heartless Bastards
02:05 Thailand Zach Schepis
14:34 It's Time To Come Home The Rentals
15:25 Thailand Zach Schepis
25:04 Send Off
25:28 Nil Islands
28:38 Finish

DJ Jess

Welcome to the Twenty-Something Traveler, the travel podcast dedicated to the twenty-something in search of adventure! I’m your host, DJ Jess, and you can find me at —


This week we’re sitting down with none other than BTR’s own Zach Schepis, who regales us with crazy (crazy!) stories from his recent adventures in Thailand. Zach co-hosts the film show Scotch and Cinema with me, co-hosts the news show Third Eye Weekly with Lisa Autz, and hosts Discovery Corner. He’s also a fantastic writer and story-teller, as you’ll find out when you tune in!! It’s a must hear episode people!

(Zach Schepis feeding a tiger in Thailand)


(Photo by Rushen)

(Photo by Chi King)

Jess Goulart began working at BTR in 2013 as an intern. Before leaving in 2016 she was also a staff writer, podcast host (Scotch & Cinema, Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog), and Social Media…