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Premiere DateDec 15, 2014
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01:36 As If It Were All I Could Do Jam Jars
02:12 David Campbell's NYE
09:53 Down in the Willow Garden Jam Jars
10:46 TST's NYE
17:31 Got to Get Down Somehow Jam Jars
18:09 Local Eyes Hell on Heels Girl, Boston
35:58 Jam Jars Jam Jars
36:38 Send Off
37:15 I Can Make You Feel Young Again Copeland
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DJ Jess

Welcome to the Twenty-Something Traveler – the new travel podcast only on BTR! Hosted by DJ Jess, this podcast is entirely dedicated to helping twenty-somethings get out and travel. An array of guests from around the globe will teach you how to do it for cheap — including info on couchsurfing, work study, AirBnB, hitchhiking, walking, road trips, and all manner of ways to see the world you haven’t considered. Plus each week we’ll ask a local living in a popular destination to curate their best 24-hours there so you’ll get the most authentic experience possible from the minute you arrive!

This week’s topic is the best places to go for New Years Eve! Whether you want an all night dance party or a canin in the woods, we’ve got you covered.

First up is David Campbell, marketing director for the amazing new search engine All The Rooms, where you can search literally every single place to stay in a destination. David crafted a list of the biggest NYE celebrations from around the world, which you can check out here.

(photo from All The Rooms)

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Plus, I’m giving you the top five places in the world for a beautiful, relaxing NYE.

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After that we’re getting some local eyes on the scene in Boston with the fantastic Hell on Heels Girl – one of the Twittersphere’s greatest stars, and hilarious to boot! Hell on Heels Girl is constantly getting followers asking her what to do in Boston, and today on TST she’s taking us throughout Boston Proper with all her favorites.

(photo from Hell on Heels Girl)

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(photo courtesy of Robert Lowe)

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