Vote Week

Premiere DateNov 3, 2016
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00:00 Echoes
00:22 Intro
00:44 NFL Arrest Records and Voting
01:24 Taking It To The Streets
03:30 Louis CK and Who We Are Voting For?
22:00 Dive Tycho
30:13 An Interview with Brent Schrotenboer
49:54 Criminology and the NFL
58:08 Outro
58:44 Finish

Welcome back to Third Eye Weekly. On this podcast we try and answer the big questions with intimate, personal narratives that give insight into the human experience that others might over-look.

For today’s podcast we’ll talk with Brent Schrotenboer. He covers a wide range of topics for USA Today Sports, from games and personalities to investigations. He’s won numerous national Top 10 writing awards during his career, including five in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for feature writing, investigative reporting, project reporting and explanatory reporting.

He’s here to talk with us today about an NFL player arrest record, and more specifically domestic and sexual violence.

Be sure to check us out as we take our questions for Vote Week to the streets!

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