Nostalgia Week

Premiere DateSep 1, 2016
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00:00 Echoes
00:24 Intro
00:44 The Art of Nostalgia
01:24 Taking It To The Streets
03:23 What We'd Say to Our Exes
13:12 The Bronx Experiment Steve Kimock Band
21:16 Delgado Talks Neurological Nostalgia
30:29 Dive Tycho
38:46 Memories Over Money?
47:24 Well But Strangely Hung Man Sonny and the Sunsets
51:41 Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind Forever
64:59 Outro
65:27 Finish

Welcome to Third Eye Weekly. On this podcast we try and answer the big questions with intimate, personal narratives that give insight into the human experience that others might over-look.

Today’s podcast is about nostalgia. We’ve all been nostalgic, but what is the science behind it?

We’ll be talking with Dr. Mauricio Delgado, an associate professor of psychology at Rutgers. He’ll be speaking with us about the the neurological implications of nostalgia, specifically a study where participants were asked to remember happy memories, and then offered money to choose not to recall them.

We’ll also talk with our new host Anna Bashedly, founder and CEO of She’ll speak with us about whether or not it’s good to revisit a past relationship with an ex, well-sought out advice from her article When They Come Back to You, Please Don’t Take Them Back.

Be sure to check us out as we take our questions for Nostalgia Week to the streets!

You can also check out a video of our nostalgic experience with Anna Bashedly and Ubah Bulala:


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