Misfit Week

Premiere DateAug 11, 2016
Categories Talk
00:00 Echoes
00:24 Intro
01:13 Misfits
01:51 Taking It To The Streets
04:20 When We Were Misfits
10:51 Gaunt Kiasmos
16:04 Wexler Talks Orthodox Outliers (Part I)
27:51 Questioning Faith
32:21 Swept Kiasmos
37:40 Wexler Talks Orthodox Outliers (Part II)
43:29 It Came Out of the Mountain The Builders and the Butchers
49:03 Finding Truth In Difference
53:37 Outro
53:48 Swept (Remix) Kiasmos
60:53 Finish

This week is Misfit Week. We’re going to talk about outsiders and outliers who skirt by the fringes of society, and examine why they choose to operate outside of these borders.

This week we’ll be featuring a two part interview with Anna Wexler a Ph.D. candidate at MIT and documentary filmmaker here to speak with us about her doc called Unorthodox, which follows three Modern Orthodox Jewish teenagers through a post-high school year in Israel.

Check out as we take our questions to the streets of NYC!

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BuildersandButchersThe Builders And The Butchers

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