Protest Week

Premiere DateAug 4, 2016
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00:00 Echoes
00:24 Intro
01:13 Peaceful Protest
02:06 Taking It To The Streets
04:50 Our Fondest Third Eye Moments
12:36 Down Side of Me CHVRCHES
18:06 Casey Talks Taoism
34:14 Individualistic Spirituality
38:15 Heartbeat Claptone
43:22 Casey Talks Taoism (Part II)
50:12 Coddiwompling Our Way to Understanding
55:52 Outro
56:19 Zen
56:43 Gaunt Kiasmos
61:54 Finish

This week is Protest Week. Rather than do the logical thing and talk about protesting, I think with all of the turmoil going on in the world right now, between the carnival election cycle, disenfranchised minority groups, and terror both afar and on the home front, we’d like to instead focus on how each of us can attain greater harmony with both the self and the world around us. Because, really, how else are we going to solve these problems.

This week we’ll be featuring a two part interview with Casey Kochmer, a taoist and founder of the Personal Tao website, which helps teach graceful living practices.

Be sure to check out our street segment!

Watch our Third Eye Video!

Chvrches_-_Every_Open_EyeDown Side Of Me – CHVRCHES

ClaptoneHeartbeat – Claptone

KiasmosGaunt – Kiasmos


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