Type Week

Premiere DateDec 3, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:26 Introduction to Type Week
02:25 Taking It To The Streets
07:02 Old School Type
12:15 Down Side of Me CHVRCHES
17:24 Interview with Andrew Shakman
26:30 Reflections on the Food Wasting type
33:52 Spoken Word
36:23 Third Eye
37:04 Interview with Marvin Kalb
59:02 Reflections on The Putin Archetype
61:23 The Answer
62:22 Outro
62:36 Finish

It’s type week here at BTR, and despite the roaring silence of a binary coded void, we’re here to talk about the old school types. Like handwriting. Typewriters. Castes, symbols, and types that remain time immemorial.

We’ll talk with Andrew Shakman, CEO of LeanPath Inc, which seeks to monitor yesterday’s trash to build tomorrow’s future.

We’ll also chat with Marvin Kalb, author of the bestseller Imperial Gamble, about what TYPE of person Vladimir Putin really is.

But first watch our video where we take our questions to the streets of NYC!


Private Parts – Sarah Kay

Down Side Of Me – CHVRCHES

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